Man charged with murder for forcing pregnant girlfriend to take abortion pills at gunpoint

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A California man has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly forcing his pregnant girlfriend to ingest pills to kill their preborn child. 23-year-old Jagmeet Sandhu held the woman at gunpoint until she took the unknown pills, according to the Bakersfield Police Department.

At about 1 a.m. on Wednesday, police received a phone call from a person who claimed to be a relative of the young woman and told officers that the victim “had been held at gunpoint and forced by her boyfriend to ingest numerous unknown-type pills in an effort to force a miscarriage.” Officers were able to meet the woman at a local hospital where she confirmed this statement.

“The victim did, in fact, have a miscarriage as a result of the incident,” said police.

Detectives searched locations that are associated with Sandhu and found evidence corroborating the victim’s story. Sandhu was arrested and is being held without bail. He is facing six felony charges, including first-degree murder, first-degree burglary, assault with a firearm, threatening with intent to terrorize, and inflicting injury on a spouse or cohabitant. This was not a miscarriage, though the media has characterized it as “forced miscarriage.” This was a forced abortion.

Legalized abortion has led to the dehumanization of human beings inside the womb. Abortion has become the expectation when women and girls become pregnant unexpectedly. As a result, if a woman doesn’t want an abortion and is in an abusive relationship, she may be forced into an abortion. In fact, about 73 percent of post-abortive women say they felt pressured to abort. Sometimes, forced abortion isn’t carried out in an abortion facility, as abusive men decide to force the abortion themselves.

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Former Manhattan restaurateur Joshua Woodward is currently serving a nine year prison sentence for slipping his girlfriend the abortion drug in 2009 and killing their baby. Twenty-year-old college student Theophilous Washington was charged with attempted murder after poisoning his pregnant girlfriend with bleach. Andrew Welden was charged with first-degree murder after tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking a pill to cause an abortion.

Other men not only set out to kill their preborn children but their pregnant wives or girlfriends as well in order to escape their responsibilities. Sade Nixon was killed by her ex-boyfriend Markeith Lloyd when she was three months pregnant. McKayla Winston was killed by her boyfriend when she was nine months pregnant because she refused abortion. Ashley Moran was eight weeks pregnant when her boyfriend killed her after an argument over having an abortion. Alexandria Kostial was killed by the father of her child who wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused. And Breana Rouhselang was killed by her teenage boyfriend after she refused abortion.

In states where abortion is completely protected, men who kill their preborn children can get away with it. Jennifer Irigoyen and her preborn child were killed by her boyfriend but he was only charged in her death — not that of her child — because New York lawmakers have put laws in place to protect abortion at all costs, even when it happens against the mother’s will.

Homicide is actually a leading cause of death for pregnant women in the U.S., second only to car accidents. 20 percent of women who die during pregnancy are murder victims.

Because of birth control, it is the expectation that girls and women engaging in sexual relationships will not become pregnant. If they do, the expectation is that they will undergo an abortion. However, if a woman refuses to abort, it has become all too common for the abusive man in her life to either kill the baby or kill both mother and child in order to escape fatherhood.

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