The heartbreaking consequences of abortion in China and India

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China and India are notorious for their cultural preference for boys. Because of this, abortion has become a valuable tool to help commit gendercide. In China, a One-Child Policy led millions upon millions of baby girls to be aborted, and caused horrific human rights abuses. In India, a baby is aborted every two seconds, many of them girls.

Now, the results are being keenly felt. In China and India, men now outnumber women by 70 million.

A Washington Post report shows the far-reaching effects of the widespread abortion of baby girls. Many men will never be able to marry. The shortage of women has even led to further human rights abuses, including sex trafficking, crime, and prostitution. Other ill-effects include epidemics of loneliness and depression. It has even had economic effects, as bachelors save to build homes they hope will impress future brides, rather than spend money. China has the highest suicide rate of women in the world. And unwanted babies who aren’t aborted are left to suffer in deplorable conditions in orphanages.

What the Post skates over is what — and who — is responsible.

In China, forced abortions have caused international outrage, a practice which continued even after the One-Child Policy was relaxed. Parents are still required to have birth permits for their children, and the preference for boys remains. India, despite the staggering gender divide, is looking to expand abortion, not limit it.

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Even more disturbing is who has helped make this a reality. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is believed to be complicit in coercive population control policies. There is also reason to believe that Planned Parenthood is involved with China’s coercive population control policies, thanks to the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s partnership with the China Family Planning Association, a partnership that goes back decades. IPPF has even praised China’s “family planning” policies.

The same thing may happen soon on another continent, as the United Nations moves on to its next prey: Africa. The UNFPA is committed to expanding contraception and abortion in African countries, and not for altruistic reasons, as Danish politician Ulla Tornaes spelled out. Unplanned pregnancies are expensive, Tornaes said, and that can be a problem. “If the population growth in Africa continues as now, the African population will double from 1.2 billion people to 2.5 billion people by 2050,” she claimed. “Part of the solution to reducing migratory pressures on Europe is to reduce the very high population growth in many African countries.”

As many European countries have been inundated with refugees from African countries, the solution, some claim, is to prevent African babies from being born. But as African pro-life activist and biomedical scientist Obianuju Ekeocha has repeatedly pointed out, African women do not want abortion, and forcing it upon them is colonization all over again.

“They need to go back to the integral care of the person, where they were thinking of the Africans not as people who they can colonize culturally and impose their new views and values on them, but as a people who have their own views and values,” Ekeocha said. “What Africans want more than anything is for women to give birth safely…. In a lot of these countries they can’t even get the most basic health care.” But why bother with giving women health care when abortion promoters can just prevent these babies from being born?

If women are pushed toward abortion in other developing countries, will sex-selective abortion begin to flourish there, too?

This issue already affects more than just China and India. Distorted sex ratios exist in the United States, for example, and can be traced to sex-selective abortion. Gendercide is known to take place in the United Kingdom. According to the United Nations, 100 million girls are missing due to sex-selective abortion across the world. One organization that has been all too happy to aid in gendercide? None other than Planned Parenthood — which supports abortion quotas the same as the Chinese government does.

An undercover Live Action investigation found that abortion staffers would enthusiastically encourage women to go through with an abortion, even solely for reasons of gender. These staffers evidently saw no ethical problems with this kind of fatal discrimination.

It’s clear what the result of sex-selective abortion is; one only needs to look to India and China, as the Washington Post so heartbreakingly illuminated. It reduces women to objects to be discarded when convenient, and highly-prized products to be bought and sold. It encourages crime, allows sex trafficking to thrive, and causes depression to spike, in both men and women. It destroys a society on every single level. The preference of boys to girls is problematic, but it’s abortion that causes the societal ruin. And it must come to an end.

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