If we are mourning miscarried babies, we should be mourning aborted babies too

miscarried, aborted

October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, a time for parents who have suffered the death of a preborn child to publicly honor their lost baby and teach others that miscarriage and stillbirth are deep and painful losses. All too often, parents who have suffered the loss of a child in the womb or at birth are told that they can simply have another baby or that they should get over it because it wasn’t really a baby. It doesn’t help that the abortion industry works overtime to dehumanize preborn children in the womb.

What’s truly shocking, however, is that society expects people to mourn the deaths of miscarried babies while also celebrating the deaths of aborted babies of the exact same ages. Human embryos and fetuses are either human beings worthy of life and love who deserve to be mourned, or they aren’t. There is no middle ground. There can be no compromise. We cannot say that the difference is only whether or not they were considered “wanted” or whether or not their parents had money or a college degree. Either they are human beings – or they aren’t. Science has definitively said they are human beings and their lives began at the moment of fertilization. So if we are going to mourn those who have been miscarried, we shouldn’t be freely celebrating the killing of others.

WARNING: Some of the photos below will be disturbing to readers.

First Trimester

Most miscarriages and abortions take place during the first trimester. In fact, according to recent statistics, 80 percent of miscarriages and 89 percent of abortions happen during that time frame. Just 22 days after conception, these growing new human beings already have heartbeats — and for many of them, their mothers have heard it only to have it fade, or never got the chance to hear it at all. For those women, the loss is devastating. That moment of hearing your child’s heartbeat and seeing him or her in a sonogram for the first time is so defining and life-changing that a recent study noted 78 percent of women who are considering abortion actually choose life if given the chance to view the ultrasound. Mothers who suffer early miscarriages are allowed to mourn because their losses were real.

But if this baby is worthy of being mourned:

Vincent Marie, miscarried at 7 weeks.

So is this baby:

abortion, aborted

The hand and arm of aborted baby—7 weeks. (Photo courtesy of and

Second Trimester

Second-trimester miscarriages are less common, as are second-trimester abortions. But abortions at this age are still legal for any reason, even though children born as early as 21 weeks have survived when given medical assistance by doctors. Pro-abortion politicians will say that it is still a woman’s right to choose death for her baby even though he is capable of living outside the womb. Where do we draw the line? If losing a preborn baby at this age is devastating for the parents of so-called “wanted” children, why is killing the child considered a human right for women who feel they can’t afford their baby? Imagine if your life depended on what one person thought of you. Imagine being told that because you didn’t make a certain amount of money your baby should die.

If this baby’s life is worth mourning:

Baby Walter at 19 weeks

Baby Walter at 19 weeks

Then so is this one’s:

This child was aborted at 18 weeks gestation using the saline abortion method – note the burned skin. (Images courtesy of and

Third Trimester

While many Americans believe that third-trimester abortions are only reserved for the saddest cases — to save the life of the mother or if the child is going to die at birth — the truth is that most abortions during the third trimester are elective. Abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother and if the mother’s life is at risk during the third trimester, it is safer and faster to deliver the baby via C-section and try to save both lives. Children at this age are beyond the point of viability and to put the mother through a three-day-long abortion procedure for an emergency situation makes little sense.

Just because a baby is at risk of dying at birth or has been diagnosed with a disability should not grant a right to kill that child in utero. These babies should not be dismembered or stabbed in the head or heart with feticide just because they are disabled. That’s discrimination to the point of death.

If this baby deserves to be loved and mourned:


So does this one:

Image: Third trimester aborted babies found in Houston 2

Third-trimester aborted babies found in Houston 2

For every one newborn placed for adoption, there are 36 families waiting to adopt.

Society can’t have it both ways. Either all human beings deserve to be treated as equal, valuable and worthy – no matter the circumstances of their conception or the status of their birth parents – or they don’t.

This month, remember the babies lost to miscarriage and stillbirth, and the babies lost to abortion as well.

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