Listen to the heartbeats of these preborn babies, as young as five weeks, captured on video

Listen to the heartbeats of these preborn babies, as young as five weeks, captured on video

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A preborn baby is beautiful and fascinating, and technology is revealing the development of this tiny human person growing in his mother’s womb. The amazing moment that a mother can hear the heartbeat of her preborn child has been captured thousands of times on video, and shared on YouTube and other social media.

Below are some of these precious moments which prove, yet again, that the baby in the womb is very much alive and deserves our full protection:

5 weeks:

6 weeks:

7 weeks:

8 weeks:

9 weeks:

10 weeks:

11 weeks: 

“When a heartbeat can be detected, a life should be protected” — this is the impetus behind the nation’s first federal Heartbeat bill. On November 1, 2017, the Heartbeat Protection Act, which would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, received a hearing before a Congressional Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice. The bill, H.R. 490, was sponsored by Representative Steve King (R – Iowa), who is also the Chairman of the Subcommittee.

According to Faith 2 Action president, Janet Folger Porter (the architect behind the legislation), the Heartbeat bill has been introduced in seventeen states and has passed in three. In a press conference announcing the federal legislation earlier this year, Porter said, “With Congressman King’s bill, we will no longer discriminate against the very young. We’ll recognize that beating heart in the youngest members of the human family.”

Live Action News previously reported that at just 22 days after conception, a baby’s heart is beating in utero. In fact, recent reports show it might actually start beating as early as 16 days after conception.

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