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Six ways the abortion industry is pushing for dangerous ‘DIY’ abortions

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The abortion industry is aggressively working to expand abortion, specifically through “self-managed” abortions. The move towards expansion has been supported by Guttmacher, Planned Parenthood and others, like the Tara Health Foundation, and involves a push for the FDA to abandon an important safety system (REMS) put in place for the abortion pill. Currently, under REMS, the abortion pill (which consist of mifepristone – or Mifeprex – and Misoprostol) can only be ordered, prescribed, and dispensed by and under the supervision of a hospital or clinic. In addition, there are requirements in place to confirm important details like gestational age and any possible ectopic pregnancies.


But in their zeal for abortion on demand, the abortion lobby is becoming very creative.

1. They have conflated “miscarriage” and “early pregnancy loss” with abortion.

Live Action News has previously documented the effort to conflate abortion with miscarriage. In addition, we previously reported how the abortion lobby is advising women who self-abort and have complications to present to the ER claiming to have a miscarriage.

A recent article in People states, “the pills trigger a miscarriage” and says “women should expect significant bleeding that then peters out.” Dr. Mary Jane Minkin admitted to People that pain is a “major side effect” of the abortion pill — then compared abortion to a miscarriage.

  • “It’s a miscarriage that they’re going to be feeling.”
  • “[T]hey’re basically undergoing a miscarriage, so they will have contractions.”
  • “She’s going to be done with the miscarriage in a day or two in general, and then some people can continue bleeding for about two weeks.”

No wonder Planned Parenthood has added categories like miscarriage care and miscarriage management to its list of “services.” Some of these services involve surgically completing an abortion when the abortion pill fails to do the job completely.

2. They seek to expand use of the abortion pill via online “mail order.”

The Direct-To-Consumer trial (pills sent via mail after TelAbortion or Telemedicine interview), is sponsored by Gynuity Health Project for patients as young as ten. Gynuity is funded (see here) by the Packard Foundation. an original business investor of the abortion pill manufacturer, DANCO.

Image: Gynuity funded by abortion pill mfg Danco Laboratories (Accessed Nov 2018)

Gynuity funded by abortion pill mfg Danco Laboratories (Accessed Nov 2018)

It is possible that the trial is a sort of Trojan horse intended to skirt important abortion pill safety requirements, because it has rapidly expanded into more states with the completion date changing. (More here.)

3. They want to expand the use of the abortion pill via pharmacy dispension.

These efforts are being sponsored by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and led by Dr. Daniel Grossman. Live Action News has documented Grossman’s deep ties to the abortion industry and to DANCO’s investors. His studies on abortion pill safety regularly fail to note these conflicts.

4. They want to use abortion pills for other medical indications.

An effort is underway to use the abortion pill for other medical indications as a way to convince the FDA to remove the regulatory safety requirements.

According to this Gynuity document:

One strategy to increase availability and market sustainability of mifepristone is to register it for additional indications. Several of these “uncontroversial” indications are legal in most jurisdictions and could provide an entry point for the medication to be listed on national drug registries, stocked in hospitals and other health care facilities, and integrated into health care systems…Ultimately, each labeled indication for a single pill mifepristone (200 mg) has the potential to appeal to different stakeholders and expand the marketability of this medication.

As stated above, Gynuity is behind several clinical trials to expand abortion. Live Action News also previously noted a push to use mifepristone for miscarriage.

5. They want to expand abortion pill use into the second trimester.

The abortion pill regimen is approved for use up 10 weeks; however, Live Action News previously documented efforts to expand it into the second trimester. Experimental trials on African women are underway for this effort. Recently, another second trimester clinical trial, sponsored by Sheba Medical Center in collaboration with Stanford University, has been posted.


Image: STanford Clinical Trial on abortion pills for second trimester

Stanford Clinical Trial on abortion pills for second trimester

The image below is from the previously mentioned Gynuity document:

Image: Abortion pill use for second trimester (Image: Gynuity)

Abortion pill use for second trimester (Image: Gynuity)

This Florida abortion facility appears to be offering the abortion pill regimen into the second trimester, against FDA approvals.

Image: Abortion pill use for second trimester Orlando Womens Center (Image: Twitter)

Abortion pill use for second trimester Orlando Womens Center (Image: Twitter)

6. They are pushing for “Misoprostol only” abortions.

The abortion lobby is hailing efforts using Misoprostol only, the second of the abortion pill regimen, for abortions. Misoprostol is not restricted by the FDA in the same way that Mifeprex is, and this may be the motive behind these efforts.

report entitled, “Efficacy of Misoprostol Alone for First-Trimester Medical Abortion: A Systematic Review,” has been published by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The Journal, commonly referred to as “The Green Journal,” is the official publication of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a pro-abortion organization. The review sought to “summarize available data on the effectiveness and safety of single-agent misoprostol for medical abortion in the first trimester.” It concluded that “Misoprostol alone is effective and safe and is a reasonable option for women seeking abortion in the first trimester….” The paper was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and Gynuity Health Projects. Author Elizabeth G Raymond is part of the “Mifeprex REMS Study Group” and a Senior Medical Associate at Gynuity.

Image: Gynuity Tweets Misoprostol only review in Green Journal for abortion (Image: Twitter)

Gynuity Tweets Misoprostol only review in Green Journal for abortion (Image: Twitter)

A separate study, “Early abortion with buccal versus sublingual misoprostol alone…” was published in the pro-abortion Journal Contraception and funded by the Packard Foundation and “an anonymous donor.” It states, “Although mifepristone followed by misoprostol is the gold standard for early medical abortion, misoprostol alone is recommended for settings where mifepristone is unavailable. While misoprostol alone is less effective than when taken in conjunction with mifepristone, it is often the next best option due to its safety, low cost and wide availability….”

Misoprostol is no walk in the park. Even according to the pro-abortion organization Women on Waves (which ignores FDA protocol and provides the abortion pill illegally in several countries), the pill works by causing nausea, diarrhea, and severe cramping that can go on for half a day or more.

Image: Daniel Grossman Tweets Misoprostol only for abortion (Image: Twitter)

Daniel Grossman Tweets Misoprostol only for abortion (Image: Twitter)

Other measures:

Currently, the abortion pill makes up about 40 percent of reported abortions in the U.S. For additional information, visit FRC’s website here or go to abortiondrugfacts.com.

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