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The who’s who (and who not to trust) behind an abortion pill reversal study

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UPDATE, 10/3/2019: Live Action News has discovered that sometime between August and September 2019, the status of this clinical trial was changed to “Terminated (Safety)”.

UPDATE, 8/15/19: In August, sponsors of this study changed the status of the clinical trial to “suspended (safety).” Live Action News inquired about the change to the FDA, which responded by e-mail, stating, “The FDA generally cannot confirm or deny the existence of or comment on any pending investigational new drug (IND) applications. For this type of information, we suggest you contact the sponsor.” No additional information from the sponsor has been published at this time.

3/31/19: Abortion pill collaborators pushing for online, pharmacy, and mail order access to the pill are conducting a study to “test” the science behind abortion pill reversal. The problem is, those conducting this study have deep ties to the abortion industry and to those who stand to gain financially from sales of the abortion pill.

The clinical trial, published under the name, “Blocking Mifepristone Action With Progesterone,” is sponsored by the University of California – Davis and the Society of Family Planning — both with strong ties to abortion. The study’s principal investigator is Mitchell D. Creinin, MD, who previously participated in initial clinical trials of the pill, RU486.

The study is already recruiting pregnant participants who will take the abortion pill at either the University of California, Davis or Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. Pregnant participants, who have received counseling and signed informed consent for surgical abortion, will each receive the first pill (mifepristone or Mifeprex) in the approved regimen. The pregnant participants will then either receive progesterone treatments to try to save their preborn children… or they’ll receive a placebo. They won’t know which.

While this study raises important moral questions, the goal of this particular article is to show how this study could be severely skewed, considering the fact that those leading the study and those invested in the abortion pill manufacturer, DANCO, are strongly linked.

Image: Clinical Trial UC Davis PP and Creinin using Abortion pill reversal

Clinical Trial UC Davis PP and Creinin using Abortion pill reversal

So, who’s funding this and other studies on the abortion pill, as well as the abortion pill’s manufacturer? And should we trust these researchers to conduct any sort of unbiased study? Let’s take a look at the evidence and decide:

The Packard Foundation 

  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is a primary investor in DANCO, seeding the pill’s manufacturer with millions of dollars as it transitioned from the Population Council to DANCO Laboratories, LLC.
  • Packard’s investment in DANCO included a $14 million loan as early as 1996 to bring the drug to US.
  • Packard’s 990s for 2000, 2001, 20022004, 20072008, and 2009 show ongoing support for DANCO.
  • Packard’s website states it seeks “to promote women’s reproductive health and rights and to stabilize population growth.”
  • Packard is substantial donor to Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Federation, NARAL and others.
  • Packard funded studies (in Journal Contraception) that claim self-managed abortion is safe, and urging the undoing of the current FDA standards restricting dispensation of the abortion pill (known as REMS).
  • Packard funded a study promoting the University of California’s ability dispense abortion pills on campus.
Image: Packard investment Danco 14 million 2001 and population council

Packard investment Danco 14 million 2001 and population council


Image: Packard loan to Danco 2001 990

Packard loan to Danco 2001 990

University of California (UC)

  • Packard has funded UC for years, including regular grant dollars to UC.
  • The Buffett Foundation, another original investor in DANCO, funded UC.
  • Buffett gave at least $2 million in interest-free loans to the Population Council for clinical trials of RU-486, according to tax documents filed in 1995.
  • Buffett gave $78 million to UC in past years: $52 million for the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program; $5.3 million so that UC’s Davis, UCLA, San Diego and Irvine residents could participate in Ryan; and $8.6 million towards the pro-abortion Turnaway Study at UCSF’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health Center (ANSIRH).

publication in which UC honored “abortion pioneers” reveals its long history of abortion promotion:

  • 1991: UCSF founded the Fellowship in Family Planning to provide the opportunity for research and clinical skills in family planning and abortion. Mitchell Creinin is Director and a Family Planning Fellow.
  • 1992: Creinin along with Philip Darney, MD (a professor at UCSF’s Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health), undertook studies using methotrexate and misoprostol which led to the abortion pill regimen. According to a ten-year report, Packard donated millions to the Bixby Center.
  • 1994: UCSF participated in clinical trials of RU-486.
  • 1999: The Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program in Abortion and Family Planning was founded by Uta Landy for training abortion providers.

University of California – Davis (UCD) 

Society of Family Planning (SFP)

Image: Society of Family Planning mission is abortion research

Society of Family Planning mission is abortion research

Mitchell D. Creinin, MD

Image: Mitchell D Creinin Professor University of California Davis

Mitchell D Creinin Professor University of California Davis

Image: Mitchell D Creinin financial from Danco abortion pill MFG

Mitchell D Creinin financial from Danco abortion pill MFG

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte (PPMM) 

  • Site location for this study
  • Packard issued millions of dollars in grants to PPMM.
  • Packard’s 200820112017, and 2018 990s list PPMM under “grants/contributions” or “other assets.”

The abortion pill has claimed the lives of at least 22 women and well over three million preborn children.

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