Ben Shapiro: Men have the right to say abortion is wrong

abortion is wrong, Shapiro

On January 25, 2018, conservative commentator and Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro posted a Facebook video of a Q&A session at the University of Connecticut, in which he answered a questions from a female audience member (who says she is going into the healthcare field). She asks how he, as a “white, well off, religious man” feels he has a right to tell a woman that abortion is wrong.

The unidentified woman says, “I personally don’t think that I could have an abortion… but how do you defend your opinion as a white, well off, religious man… telling a woman what she can do with her body and forcing her to –”

Before she can finish, Shapiro answers, “Because evil things are still evil, even if I’m a white, well off, religious man.”

He then discusses how many of those fighting against slavery more than a century ago were white, well off men who took a stand that enslaving Black people was morally wrong. Those men did not have to be enslaved or share the same race as those who were enslaved in order to know that slavery was evil.

“My identity has nothing to do with what is right or wrong,” Shapiro says. Watch:

A very large problem with our currently society, Shapiro says, is the idea that certain persons cannot stand against what they believe to be morally wrong if they do not share the same political, cultural, or gender identity as those committing that moral wrong. Abortion is wrong, objectively. Whether or not it is wrong does not depend upon one’s gender or social class. If we retreat into identity politics, he adds, human moral reasoning cannot place.

Abortion is wrong, and when people objectively see what abortion is and does, many of them change their minds from pro-choice to pro-life, as seen in these man-on-the-street interviews done by Live Action:

The videos these individuals watched can be found at One of them, showing an animation of a second trimester D&E abortion, can be seen below:

Shapiro has previously addressed whether abortion is murder, whether abortion takes human life, and whether abortion is acceptable in cases of rape.

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