NFL star Benjamin Watson makes amazing donation to pregnancy center
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NFL star Benjamin Watson makes amazing donation to pregnancy center

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Ben Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, has been outspoken about his pro-life beliefs. And as a recent story in Pregnancy Help News shows, he also acts on those beliefs. The news outlet reports that Watson, while previously with the Baltimore Ravens earlier this year, gave Maryland’s Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic, a pro-life pregnancy center,  a state-of-the-art 3D/4D ultrasound machine.

Watson and his wife, Kirsten, made the generous donation through the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission and Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound Program. Following the donation, the Watsons requested a tour of a pregnancy center serving the Baltimore area.


The pro-life Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic, which opened in 2005, is contacted by around 7,000 abortion-vulnerable women each year, and is located in a commercial building that used to house a late-term abortion facility. Ultrasounds are one of the most powerful tools pregnancy resource centers can offer pregnant mothers to help them understand the humanity of their preborn children and make informed decisions about their options. On their tour, the Watsons met 10-year-old Julian, whose life was saved when his mother saw him on an ultrasound at the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic while she was pregnant.

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As Pregnancy Help News notes, Maryland places virtually no restrictions on the abortion industry, allowing late-term abortionists to profit from especially dangerous and barbaric abortions on viable preborn babies.

Watson has condemned abortion and the practices of America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. He has called abortion “the ultimate form of racism,” drawing attention to the disproportionate abortion rates among minorities and the abortion industry’s targeting of the Black community. According to The Daily Wire, Watson once stated, “We sit here and talk about advancing the black agenda, whatever that means, we talk about our interests, and what’s important to us – like having political power and advancement and all those things – and then we are turning around and we are killing our children. And we are buying the lie that it’s our personal decision to make.”

Watson, who spoke at the 2017 March for Life, has said previously that there are other pro-life players in the NFL but many are unwilling to speak publicly about their convictions. Watson, through his words and actions, has shown that elite athletes can use their celebrity to help the most vulnerable.

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