The humanity of babies in the third trimester is undeniable, yet it’s still legal to abort them

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The “Baby Olivia” video from Live Action is helping people to truly see the humanity of preborn children. With information from world-class medical experts and scientific details from the Endowment for Human Development, the video features the world’s most realistic and medically accurate animated representation of prenatal development. Graphic designers made Baby Olivia come alive using computer-generated 3D animation, utilizing motion capture technology of real human movement.

Olivia’s journey begins at the moment of fertilization and ends when she’s ready to be born. This includes the third trimester, when the preborn child can survive outside of the womb. Yet thousands of late-term abortions are committed during the third trimester each year.


Baby Olivia exhibits behavior in the third trimester that will closely mirror her behavior after being born. At 26 weeks gestation, she is startled by loud noises and is practicing breathing. Her eyes also produce tears, and her sense of smell is fully developed. Just one week later, at 27 weeks, she reacts to light outside of the womb and recognizes familiar voices. In the last month of pregnancy, she even has flavor preferences based on the foods her mother eats.

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Research shows that a preborn child likely feels pain by the end of the first trimester, so a preborn baby in the third trimester of pregnancy can most definitely feel pain.

The most common abortion procedure committed in the third trimester is an induction abortion. As the baby is capable of surviving outside of the womb, the abortion begins with a fatal shot of either digoxin or potassium chloride to the baby’s heart or head. This is intended to cause cardiac arrest, and then death.


After the lethal injection has been completed, the abortionist will insert laminaria sticks into the woman’s cervix to begin dilation. She will then either go back home or to a hotel room, before returning to the abortion facility the next day, where the abortionist will replace the laminaria to continue dilation. If the preborn child has not yet died, the abortionist may attempt a second fatal shot to the baby, and he may also give the mother drugs to induce labor.

One to two days later, the woman is supposed to return to the abortion facility to deliver the body of her dead baby. However, it is not uncommon for the mother to deliver the body of her dead baby alone in her hotel room. Women are even warned that this may happen, told to squat over the toilet if they feel labor begin, and to leave the body of their child there until staffers from the abortion facility can arrive.

If the baby isn’t born intact, however, the abortionist will have to convert the procedure into a D&E, where he will use clamps and forceps to dismember the baby, piece by piece.

An induction abortion comes with significant risks to the mother as well. A woman can suffer hemorrhaging, lacerations, and perforations to the maternal organs. There is also a risk of trauma to the cervix, which can impact her ability to safely carry a child to term in future pregnancies. The later the abortion, the greater the risk of substantial injury.

With Baby Olivia showing the world that preborn children are living human beings, she’s also sending another important message — a message about the violence and cruelty of killing through abortion.

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