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When post-abortive parents tell our stories of loss, our children’s tiny feet of truth march on

Precious Feet

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I remember the day a pro-life speaker came to our church. The testimonies and truths she shared were powerful. But that day, it was those tiny little feet that mesmerized meholding me captive to the message of the sanctity of human life.

I was a relatively new believer when I saw those little feet. I held the pin as if those tiny little feet were the feet of my own child, lost to abortion seven years prior, when I was an 18-year-old college freshman facing an unexpected pregnancy.

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In the days and years immediately following the abortion, my heart reacted to the shockwave of that trauma by “numbing out.” I became emotionally encased in a death shroud of denial. In the months and years following the abortion, I began to immerse myself in alcohol which, in retrospect, was my attempt to self-medicate and escape the gnawing post-abortion shame, depression, and grief.

Seven years after the abortion, my path divinely intersected with a passionate believer who eventually led me to my decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Just a few years into my newfound faith, having become more sturdily rooted and grounded in God’s love, Jesus began to orchestrate circumstances to break through my denial. He became the key that unlocked my self-made prison of post abortion grief and regret. Ultimately, I attended a post abortion bible study support group through a local pro-life center and found heart healing through the support of other believers who had moved through their own grief.

So, that day, when the pro-life speaker came to our church — it was with heartfelt passion and a holy awe, that I took the gift of my little feet pin from the brimming basket in which they were offered. I quietly, inwardly thanked God for my child who I knew was safely held in heaven. I also thanked God for the healing I had found in His Son, Jesus Christ.

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A later profound marker in my journey came as I listened in rapt attention to a featured speaker at the mothers of preschoolers group held monthly at our church. I was amazed and a bit shocked at her vulnerable transparency, as she shared her post-abortion healing testimony. As I hung on each word, waves of healing repeatedly washed over me. That precious woman’s faithfulness to share brought a cascading ripple effect in my own life, as my own dream to share my story took root and began to grow. I experienced an unusual urgency and passion surrounding this desire.

The question arose — could I, too, find the courage to share? Would God give me the words, as well as the opportunities to speak?

God surprised me with his magnanimous “YES!” He began to answer my heartfelt plea prayed so many years prior, when I cried out, “Lord, please do NOT let my little child’s life be lost in vain.”

God has opened many doors — from speaking at churches, women’s groups, leading abortion recovery groups, publishing an abortion recovery testimony booklet, to becoming Ohio Leader for Operation Outcry. In a myriad of merciful ways, God has been so faithful to answer that heartfelt plea!

I believe God is sparking that same urgency and passion for other post-abortive women and men to speak out in a culture which desires to silence us.

As I recall that day, over 30 years ago, when the pro-life speaker shared… I can still see the little feet pin as if they were before me now. A clear thought rises: when post abortive women and men share their stories, we allow our precious children’s lives and “little feet” to march on. It is the stories of their lives that reveal truth that pummels darkness, truth that crushes lies, truth that brings the light of LIFE. Through our combined stories, we raise up an army, even as the blood of our children cries out.

May post abortive women and men flock to join the ranks of other truth tellers, who share stories of life and redemptive love. Whether it be stories of persons in difficult circumstances choosing life; persons giving the gift of life through loving adoption, or post-abortive persons shining a light on the horror of abortion — each of our stories are needed.

We are one unified army of life marching on. We will breach the gates of darkness. Roe v. Wade will be overturned. May our Creator God’s mighty pro-life message victoriously march on!

Author’s Note: Operation Outcry, a ministry of The Justice Foundation, holds the largest collection in the world of legally admissible, written testimonies from women hurt by abortion.  You may add your testimony by signing a Declaration.   Operation Outcry testimonies have influenced four major court victories.  The recent The Moral Outcry Petition Brief, along with over 539,108 signers, also included courageous testimonies of women injured by abortion.  Your powerful testimony, collected in Declaration format, can be used (confidentially, if desired) in legal cases and presented to state, national and international governing authorities to potentially end or limit abortion.  A Declaration and instructions are available at

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