Former Planned Parenthood of Delaware nurse: State wouldn’t inspect until woman badly injured

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In a webcast sponsored by And Then There Were None, former abortion worker Jayne spoke about terrible conditions at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. There were untrained staff, women not being given the medicine they needed, blood on operating tables, women rushed out the door unable to walk because the anesthesia hadn’t worn off, medication administered improperly, and staff that rushed through abortion procedures.

Jayne discovered Planned Parenthood was not inspected or regulated, unlike hospitals where she’d worked:

[A]t the hospital, you have people, a team that comes in, it’s an independent agency …  a whole thing that has nothing to do with that organization… At Planned Parenthood, there [are] no inspections because Planned Parenthood inspects themselves … Planned Parenthood of Delaware had nobody overseeing them, so they have just been running rampant for however long they’ve been here.

Jayne tried to get the people running the facility to address the serious problems she saw, but it quickly became apparent they would do nothing. So, she decided to report them:

I tried to work from inside Planned Parenthood first – but when I found out that wasn’t going to happen, that that wasn’t going to work, then I went ahead and reported to the State. I used a friendly little form anybody can fill out. There’s a certain one just for medical people so I reported as a medical person.

By now, she had left the facility, as it had become a toxic environment for her. Fellow staff members and administration had told her she would be blackballed if she reported them, and would never work in the healthcare industry again.  They also told her that reporting was futile because the State would do nothing.


The Board of Health, however, told Jane they would take care of the problems. “[The State Board of Health] got back to me and said that they were going to take care of everything,” she said. “The State told me that they were going to go in and get that cleaned up and get back to me.”

But she never heard back from them. Then a woman was badly injured at the facility:

[M]y husband was watching TV and he said, Jane, there’s this thing on here about Planned Parenthood… and I came to look at it, and it was a patient that was being wheeled out [in] a stretcher, and they had an oxygen mask, and I remember very clearly that the oxygen mask was not pliable. You couldn’t use it, it’d been in there just rotting away, dry rot. So, you couldn’t even put it on, to form it on her face. … I saw that they were trying to get on her mask…. I knew that they were having trouble with the oxygen mask, and at that point I realized [the State] never went in and inspected them. Because that would’ve never been there. There never would’ve been a mask that was not pliable.…

How serious the woman’s injuries were, or if she even survived, is unknown.

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Strongly suspecting the state had lied about inspecting, Jayne called and asked for the inspection report. Sure enough, there was no report:

[I] asked for the – I’d like to see the information that they gathered – how many syringes, what was it that they found, and they had no report to show…,  [I]n fact, they did not go in.… They did not do it. They said they did, the State, the Health Department of Delaware said yes we did that, the regulations, the professional license people, we did it all, we took care of everything…. [T]hey didn’t do anything the first time. And knowing that they didn’t do anything at that point, then they lost all credibility with me.

Planned Parenthood was right. The state had done nothing to protect women.

Jayne began making more phone calls:

So, with that I was furious. I called… all the places I could possibly think of. It was OSHA [Occupational Health and Safety Administration] – I’m like, okay, you don’t care about the patients? And they said no, we just care about the employees. And I said, well then, come see the employees. There’s plenty to see. It took a lot just to get somebody to listen.

Finally, the State decided to intervene. Jayne recalled:

So, the second time though they did go in, and then Planned Parenthood… closed down for a while.… Dr. Timothy Liveright [the abortionist] was given the opportunity to hand over his license in the state of Delaware.

It took a badly botched abortion and a woman terribly injured to get the State to address the problems at Planned Parenthood.

Even though Liveright lost his license in Delaware, Planned Parenthood didn’t dismiss him. Instead, they transferred him to another Planned Parenthood facility out of state. He is now committing abortions in Pennsylvania.

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