‘No procedures, no protocols, no books’: Former Planned Parenthood worker says women were put at risk

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In a webinar sponsored by And Then There Were None, nurse and former abortion worker Jayne spoke about dangerous conditions she witnessed at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Delaware.

Soon after being hired at Planned Parenthood, Jayne discovered there were no written protocols for how to administer medication or perform other medical tasks:

Planned Parenthood – actually, this was amazing to me – there were no guidelines, no procedures, no protocols, no books. You have to have these things. In the hospital, you have to have these – even just to start an IV. There are certain techniques … that you have to be able to do and you have to do it following a guideline.

The medicines and the syringes? … People would go ahead and make them and pull them and another nurse would give [them] – you’re not allowed to do that. That’s nursing 101. You draw the medicine, and you give that medicine. Nobody else gives that medicine. … [T]hey didn’t abide by that.

Syringes for sedation were filled in advance. Women got the same dosages regardless of their weight, medical conditions, or other drugs they might be taking that could interact with the sedation. Having one worker fill the syringe and another worker inject it hours later could easily lead to confusion about how much medication was administered and when.

Jayne further spoke about the danger of administering medication without written protocols:

[W]hen they would go ahead and sedate patients … there were no manuals, no procedures. … They had no idea how fast to push medicines. And one of the medicines we would push is called Versed and with that medicine, we’re supposed to give that over a certain time.

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And I asked where the guideline was – you know where the guideline was for that, where was the procedure for how long to push that medicine – and they said, we don’t have that. And I said, you have to. I said you don’t have it? I can’t push it. So, I wouldn’t push it – I said, I’m not pushing that. They said, just slow. But slow doesn’t cut it, and a lot of times medicines have to be diluted with saline, so you don’t burn the person’s vein out. They don’t care.

Another problem, mentioned in a previous article, was that women were not given RhoGAM shots in cases where their bloodwork showed they were Rh negative. Not giving the shots could lead to future miscarriages or neonatal deaths in subsequent pregnancies. Jayne approached the medical director, Dr. Carol Myers, and complained about the lack of protocols for giving the RhoGAM shots and the resulting problem:

I said listen, we can’t do this. …[T]hese patients are leaving – they’re leaving without [the shots]. There’s no protocols…. And the doctor said, well, we need to work on that, that’s something, if you want to write a protocol – and I was like, wait a minute – I didn’t say I was going to be the one writing the protocol, you’re the doctor, you’re the one who really should be doing that.

As a nurse, Jayne knew she was not qualified to devise medical protocols. However, the abortionists at the facility had no interest in writing any.

Jayne ended up leaving Planned Parenthood in Delaware after failing in her attempts to get those running the facility to improve conditions. She could not continue working in a place that endangered women.

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