Woman says Planned Parenthood doctor recommended transgender surgery without meeting her


Planned Parenthood clients claim that the organization, a top provider of “gender affirming care,” does little to no counseling before prescribing cross-sex hormones or referring clients for permanent, body-altering surgery.

Hormone injections with no counseling

All it took to for Helena — born a biological female — to get a testosterone prescription was “one trip to Planned Parenthood when she was 18,” the New York Post wrote, adding, “She said she was given four times the typical starting dose by a nurse practitioner in less than an hour, without ever seeing a doctor.”

The Post claimed that Helena “said she felt political pressure to transition.”

“The community was very social justice-y. There was a lot of negativity around being a cis, heterosexual, white girl, and I took those messages really, really personally,” Helena told the Post.

Helena was not alone.

An interview with detransitioner Cat Cattinson conducted by the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) claimed, “I started off by getting a prescription for testosterone and to do that I called up Planned Parenthood because I’d heard they provided gender affirming services.”

“I thought I would have to go through some kind of process to get the testosterone, whether it was psychological evaluation or a certain number of visits with psychiatrists etc.,” she claimed. “But instead, what happened is I talked on the phone for thirty minutes with a doctor I’d never met in person and I got prescribed testosterone over the phone.”

“I had asked for a low dose because I told the doctor at Planned Parenthood that I was a semi-professional singer, and that my voice was important to me. And the doctor prescribed to me what I thought was a low dose but then later talking to other people they had started at half the dose that I was on,” she said, adding:

When I was talking to the doctor at Planned Parenthood, it was so easy for me to be like… “Yeah, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, but that’s really gender dysphoria. I struggled with depression and anxiety, but of course it’s just because I was really trans this whole time. It was really my gender dysphoria that is the root issue and same thing with alcoholism and everything else.”

So essentially, what that does is it causes this superficial treatment process that is really just addressing the physical body and its body modification basically. You’re trying to use body modification to treat a mental illness.


In the TikTok below, “Ashley White” claimed she contacted Planned Parenthood to inquire whether a “recommendation from a therapist was required to obtain hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for [her] gender transition”.

Ashley was told by Planned Parenthood that there were “no restrictions” for people over 18 and that a “parent’s sign of consent form” was all she would need if she were under 18.

Someone named Ryan also claimed to have received no counseling from Planned Parenthood to obtain a cross-sex hormone prescription.

“I went to Planned Parenthood… I basically walked in – I said ‘Hi. I think I’m trans,'” Ryan said in the TikTok video published by @transition_justice. “They said, ‘great, we’re gonna diagnose you with gender dysphoria and here’s your prescription for testosterone. You can get it the very next day,” Ryan added. “And I said, ‘great’. I didn’t actually realize in my head what a huge f****ing red flag this was.”

Ryan was a teen when she began the process of transgender medicalization before realizing “she made an epic mistake, reversed her decision, and detransitioned to be female again,” the Dr. Phil show — which later interviewed Ryan — claimed.

“The biggest mistake I made was that I did not get the right amount of therapy or medical advice needed,” Ryan told Dr. Phil. “Before I went on hormone therapy, I wasn’t required to see any therapist or any sort of a doctor at all.”

When Ryan first began seeking medicalization, she contacted Planned Parenthood who she claimed was willing to give her testosterone without any counseling. “I essentially just made a phone call and said that I want to transition, and it was immediately given,” she said.” I got a prescription and went to pick it up like a week later.”

When asked by Dr. Phil whether Planned Parenthood asked any questions or gave her a psychological test, Ryan shook her head no and replied, “It was completely self-diagnosed.”

“I claimed that I had gender dysphoria and I wanted to transition. They didn’t really ask me any questions about it, I just called them and I said ‘when can I get this?’ And they just said they needed to write me a prescription for it and send it. And that’s essentially what happened,” Ryan told Dr. Phil. “I never saw a therapist about it. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. Nobody medically professionally. I had just looked up — I did some like trans research, I guess, into the transgender community and everybody online and they just seemed so happy and successful.”

“And, at the time, I didn’t see any information on detransition or the negatives about it,” Ryan added. “And so I kind of got completely wrapped into that,” Ryan added.


After Ryan published details about her experience with Planned Parenthood on YouTube, a former Planned Parenthood worker by the name of Hannah Clark, who claimed she “provided hormone therapy for several years,” responded.

Clark told Ryan, “I definitely believe there are providers out there who aren’t doing their due diligence in making sure HRT is right for every patient they see; most clinicians at Planned Parenthood are pushed to see a high number of patients and as a result are pressed for time, a symptom of both for-profit health care as well as providing care many underserved populations.”

Image: Alleged Planned Parenthood worker responds to detransitioner on YouTube

Alleged Planned Parenthood worker responds to detransitioner on YouTube

Planned Parenthood allegedly referred for ‘top surgery’ without meeting client

Ryan told Dr. Phil that Planned Parenthood also referred her for so-called ‘top surgery’ — meaning one in which her healthy female breasts would be surgically removed. According to a report published by the Post-Millennial, “Planned Parenthood also gave her a letter to facilitate surgical breast removal, known in the gender identity movement as ‘top surgery,’ after only a 45-minute phone call.”

Ryan told Dr. Phil that she was quickly approved by a center (not Planned Parenthood) for the surgery but decided against getting it.

Cat Cattington also later considered the same surgery and said her initial contact was a Planned Parenthood doctor — who reportedly never met Cat in person but provided her a letter of recommendation for the permanent removal of her breasts.

“I had top surgery scheduled as well, double mastectomy. To obtain permission for that I also talked to a different doctor at Planned Parenthood who again, without meeting me, had written me a recommendation letter for top surgery,” Cat stated.

But Cat claimed that due to the horrific effects of testosterone on her body, she decided not to proceed with the surgery.

Image: Tweets claim Planned Parenthood refers top surgery and offers hormones for so-called gender affirming care

Tweets claim Planned Parenthood refers for ‘top surgery’ and offers hormone injections 

“I think that if I would have been able to transition as a child and gone onto puberty blockers, gone onto cross-sex hormones at a young age and cut off body parts, I think I would be looking back and I would be thinking, how could you enable this? How could you have gone along with this when I was too young to consent?” Cat stated.

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