‘I’m literally crying’: Instagram users respond to post counting abortions the year they were born

Instagram users shared many remarkable responses to Live Action’s recent post that asked, “Do you know how many children were aborted the year you were born?” The post carousel shared several bar graphs revealing the number of abortions committed each year from 1973-2007.

The data from Christian Life Resources clearly shows a steep increase in abortions following Roe v. Wade in 1973. The abortion rate was at its highest in 1990 with 1,608,600 babies’ lives ended in the United States. Abortion declined a bit in the years that followed, but never dipped below 1,200,000 babies being aborted each year.

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This post surprised many Instagram users. One commented,Wow. This makes it so real. Such a great post guys! There could have been 1,335,000 other fully formed men and women, with their own identity, personality and gifts in my birth year. I could have been doing life with those people. Heartbreaking.”

Someone else said, “… I’m literally crying as I see all the lives lost.”

Another comment read, “To date, my birth year has had the highest number of murders in the womb. Yet I made it out alive to a single teenage mother.”

One pro-lifer shared, “[Abortion] was at an all-time high the year i was born. I am #prolife and plan to fight for their rights as long as I live.”

Many people shared their own personal testimonies of how they could have been one of the many babies that simply became a statistic. One woman said, I would have been a part of the statistic in 1990 had my mom not gotten in a car accident on her way to the clinic. I now have a beautiful family and a full beautiful life, which would have never happened had the Lord not intervened. I’m thankful for this life I get to live every single day.”

Someone else shared, “I would not be here today if my grandma had aborted my mother in 1978 like she planned. I am so grateful that God stepped in and saved my mother’s life.”

One comment said, “1995. I was given a chance, why not them?”

Another comment said, “I would have been # 1,559,111 in 1987 had my mom not left the abortion clinic that day.”

The post not only induced gratefulness from people who know their mothers chose life, but also revealed gratitude for the choice of adoption, which has at times received a poor reputation

One woman shared, “Saved by adoption in 1990, the year the most abortions took place. Forever grateful for my birth mother’s yes to life.”

The last graphic in the post says, “These babies could have been your friends, siblings, or your cousins.” Many Instagram users were touched by this thought and responded emotionally. One man commented, “Dang. 1.2 million comrades didn’t even have a chance.”

Someone else shared, “I know a couple would have been my niece or nephew.”

Another insightful comment said, “Some people are very lonely because there are special people missing in our lives.”

Live Action’s post evoked many emotions and thoughts as the truth of abortion was exposed. Some Instagram users even shared the pain and heartbreak they have experienced as they’ve learned of the family members they’ve lost to abortion. 

One person commented, “I lost two siblings to abortion. Finding that out was hard to deal with. Messes up your sense of worth and heaps mounds of grief on you. It’s heartbreaking how we think life can be destroyed without consequence to anyone one around us. Just like suicide affects those who are connected to the victim, we all are suffering the natural consequences of this and all other evils. God forgive us!”

Another woman shared the importance of women speaking out about the tragedy of abortion by saying, “Abortion stole one sibling and two cousins from me. I think about them often and look forward to finally meeting someday when our Heavenly Father calls me home. My mother and aunts all regret their abortions to this day, and I’m so thankful that they were all vulnerable enough to be honest and share the truth about the heartbreak and horror of abortion.”

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