Dating app OkCupid partnering with Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood continues to rake in over $554 million from hard-working taxpayers, though Congress still has one more chance to defund the abortion giant in the Senate. Despite holding onto federal dollars, which provide a plurality of Planned Parenthood’s funding, Planned Parenthood and its media and pop culture allies continue to sound the alarm. Now the dating app OKCupid has risked chasing away pro-lifers with the campaign “OkCupid Stands with Planned Parenthood”. In this campaign, the dating app will match donations to Planned Parenthood up to $50,000.

The dating app has claimed that “90% of millennial women in OkCupid do not think that Planned Parenthood should be defunded.” If other polls are any indication, this site is likely not being entirely truthful about Planned Parenthood. As an OkCupid blog post reads:

Planned Parenthood’s services range from sex education in schools to STD testing to guidance on contraceptives. What’s not to love?

There’s a lot “not to love.” Planned Parenthood’s client numbers have been declining, down 400,000 since 2006. Meanwhile, they kill more preborn children than any other abortion facility in the country – taking 34% of the abortion market share.


The sex ed programs OkCupid applauds have failed and the contraceptive services they boast about Planned Parenthood providing have declined.

Nowhere on OkCupid’s post about their partnership with the abortion corporation is there even the mention of abortion. Taking it straight from the source, former Planned Parenthood employees, that’s what the organization is most excited about, as highlighted by their abortion and abortion referral quotas.

There’s also no mention from OkCupid of the scandals and law-breaking Planned Parenthood has been caught up in, including providing graphic sex education to minors who cannot legally partake in watching porn or going to sex shops, as Planned Parenthood recommends. They have also been caught aiding sex traffickers and failing to report suspected cases of rape and incest.


Further, if OkCupid users are as enthusiastic about Planned Parenthood as the site claims, then why the need to alienate those who use the site and don’t support them? That’s another thing “not to love.” Of course, OkCupid and media sites which support Planned Parenthood see it another way – as helping users find dating partners who share their “values.”

Pro-abortion and pro-Planned Parenthood Cosmopolitan magazine recently featured an “exclusive” on the partnership titled “OkCupid Is Making It Super Easy to Tell Which Matches Aren’t Totally Terrible.” Again, if so many millennials supposedly already support Planned Parenthood, what is the real aim, beyond further unnecessary funding for Planned Parenthood?

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If pro-life matches are chased away, the lack of diversity on this issue isn’t the only frightening consequence. If abortion supporters are the only ones left on OkCupid, how many of them are pro-abortion enough to coerce their partners into abortion? A majority of women say that they were coerced into their abortions, and Planned Parenthood has often looked the other way or even actively forced a woman into her abortion.

Women and preborn children are not the only ones who stand to be hurt by this partnership. The abortion movement, which Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of, believes men only get a say if they support abortion. If a man is willing to help raise his child or place the child for adoption, that might not make any difference if he is with a woman who supports Planned Parenthood. Again, the coerced abortions are written off, despite them not being about “choice” after all.


It’s not just OkCupid’s blog post which is full of misleading information about Planned Parenthood. They seem to be obsessed. As the Washington Times noted, OkCupid posted on Facebook five times about Planned Parenthood in two days, and it quickly became all the dating site’s twitter account was talking about. There are also numerous related posts on their Instagram account.

There’s a carefully calculated dark side to Planned Parenthood. How many abortions, including coerced, forced and those on sexually abused minors, will OkCupid end up making themselves and their users complicit with?

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