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Michigan abortion clinics to face no charges after dumping aborted bodies in dumpster

According to LifeSiteNews:

In February, local pro-life advocate Chris Veneklase confirmed suspicions that the Womans Choice abortion clinic in Delta Township was disposing bio-hazardous waste, and likely the corpses of aborted infants, along with the rest of the trash in its dumpster. Veneklase said he found the remains of 17 aborted unborn children in 17 bags marked with both the January dates of the abortions and the full names of the respective mothers.

In most places, the disposal of unborn children in this manner is a violation of bio-hazard/medical waste laws. Really sad that we have turned human life into “medical waste” and that we don’t care if the unborn are killed, if they are disposed of properly. Well in Michigan, it looks like a technicality is going to let the abortion center that dumped these babies in the dumpster to get off without charges: LifeSiteNews reports:

However the AG concludes that there are no grounds under current Michigan law to prosecute the clinics, other than that they were not properly incorporated under state law. Because the facilities were not properly incorporated, state authorities say they lack the legal grounds to discipline anyone for the improper handling of medical records.

There is legislation now proposed to ensure the unborn children are now disposed of properly — but killing the unborn children is just fine to do. Talk about schizophrenic way of respecting life.

Note: Images of the unborn children can be found here. Warning: human death is graphic.

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