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Hey, Wendy Davis: Millions of girls never got the chance to vote

On Election Day 2016, pro-abortion, pink running shoe-clad, failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis tweeted her support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, reports The Blaze. This wasn’t necessarily a surprise. What was a little surprising, however, was the cartoon image she tweeted…

Yes, that’s right. Featured on cartoon Hillary Clinton’s shirt is a bright pink uterus and ovaries.

In case you’ve forgotten, Wendy Davis’s great claim to fame is the fact that she stood for hours on the floor of the Texas Senate (in her pink running shoes) to protest a 20-week abortion ban. Live Action’s Cassy Fiano reminds  us:

Let’s reiterate how Wendy Davis found herself in this position. She filibustered a bill for 11 hours that the majority of Texans supported. The support Davis got for her filibuster came largely from outside Texas, provided by president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards and the pro-abortion lobby….

She stood for 11 hours, went so far as to even wear a catheter, in order to keep late-term abortion legal and to prevent abortion clinics from being held to the same standards that virtually every other doctor’s office is held to.

So what message was Davis sending with her tweet on Election Day? Was she saying that women should vote with their reproductive organs, or that they should vote for her preferred candidate because she has certain reproductive organs? I’m not really sure. (I’m wondering what the reaction would be if someone tweeted out male reproductive organs as a reason to vote for someone… but I digress.)

Wendy Davis and her abortion supporting friends often use the “reproductive organs” tactic to claim that unless you’re a woman, you have no right to an opinion on abortion. That is, unless you’re a “bro-choicer” who believes women should be able to abort any time, for any reason. Those kinds of men are apparently allowed to have an opinion on abortion.

What Davis and friends don’t like to discuss is the fact that since Roe v. Wade passed in 1973, more than 58 million children have been aborted in the name of “women’s choice,” and at least half of those were likely females. Those little females each had a uterus and ovaries, too — only they couldn’t decide whether to vote based on their reproductive organs, because they never made it out of the womb alive. Someone else decided that they didn’t get to make a single choice in life. Their voices will never be heard, and their votes will never be counted. Many of those little females ended up either suctioned down a tube or in pieces:

Wendy Davis’s allies at Planned Parenthood have not only killed potentially millions of these little females, they’ve harmed their mothers, too. They’ve lied to them about abortion and fetal development, they’ve covered up sexual abuse and aided sex traffickers, they’ve coerced women into aborting, they’ve failed to report rape, and they’ve been more than willing to abort baby girls or boys just for being the “wrong” sex. Davis’s friends at NARAL are also less than supportive of women having access to all pertinent information before deciding on having an abortion.

But perhaps Davis is in denial about all of this. After all, she once denied that late-term, third trimester abortions even happen in America (which was debunked here), and claimed that pro-life women find late-term abortion distasteful because they “don’t really understand” it.

Davis is, of course, wrong. Pro-life women oppose abortion in all forms because we know full well that abortion takes the life of a distinct human being with her own DNA — with her own body.

We understand what abortion does. We know that protecting women is vital. And we know that womanhood begins in the womb.

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