Cleveland abortionist botches two second-trimester abortions in five weeks


The callous and unfeeling abortion industry continues to endanger women across the country.

A woman who was over five months pregnant was recently rushed to the hospital after suffering a botched abortion. After receiving an abortion at the Abortion Access Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland, Ohio, run by Dr. Martin Ruddock, the woman suffered heavy bleeding and lacerations. Operation Rescue was able to get a copy of the 911 call:


Sadly, this wasn’t Dr. Ruddock’s first botched abortion. Five weeks earlier, on September 29, he botched another second-trimester abortion. In that instance, Dr. Ruddock snapped at the 911 dispatcher as she asked about the patient’s condition, saying, “I’m a surgeon.”

Sadly, these are not the only instances of botched abortion for Dr. Ruddock. There have been at least two others, in 2003 and 2004, that are known. What’s scary is that he’s even still able to practice medicine, considering that women are quite obviously at risk for injury under his “care.”

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