Build-A-Baby: Satirical video points out inhumane horrors of fertility industry

Update 6/13/23: The groups behind the creation of the controversial Build-a-Baby video have been revealed to be the anti-abortion groups CHOICE42 and In a press release, the groups said that reactions to the video have shown just how “polarizing” the topic of IVF is in the pro-life community.

“Some thought it was an ad for a real company, others recognized it was satire. Some are thankful for the video exposing what really happens at IVF clinics and others are angry that it has been exposed,” said Jon Speed, director of communications for

The Build-a-Baby video is the second video to be released as part of CHOICE42’s EXPOSED series. The group has released numerous satire videos in the past pointing out the atrocities of the abortion industry.

6/7/2023: A new satire video, Build-a-Baby, is making the rounds on social media, highlighting some of the dark truths of the fertility industry from egg and sperm donation to embryo screening and destruction as well as selective reduction abortion. It is unclear at this time who is behind the video’s production.

The promotional video begins by stating that at Build-a-Baby, “Anyone who wants a baby can build one!” The intro features a crane taking a baby’s head and placing it on her body.

“Something broken? Missing an ingredient or two?” the video narrator asks. “In our state-of-the-art facility using state-of-the-art technology, we can build your state-of-the-art baby!” The narrator advises that if you have a “sperm producer” you can visit the porn-infused “semen collection room” with “everything you need to perform the task at hand.”



But if you don’t have a “sperm producer,” you can build your baby using its “extensive donor sperm bank.” If you don’t have an “egg carrier” you can use the “egg donation bank, all gathered from top specimens.” If you do have an “egg carrier,” Build-a-Baby will “pump that sucker full of hormones so you can get as many eggs as possible in the shortest amount of time.”

Then comes the “true magic: building a baby in a petri dish.” The narrator calls it “truly a miracle.” But the beauty of that miracle is meaningless to the fertility industry, which begins immediately to seek out and destroy certain embryos.

“All embryos will be graded and we’ll discard any defective or genetically imperfect babies before you even know it,” the narrator says, adding, “Building a baby shouldn’t make you feel guilty.”

Now with multiple embryos created, if you’re a “womb carrier,” get ready, he says, with a cannon aimed at a woman who runs away screaming. If you’re not a “womb carrier” you can use the fictional company’s womb rental service — a woman paid to allow the use of her uterus.

After embryo transfer day, you could have one, two, three, or eight embryos implant — but if that’s too many babies for you, selective reduction abortion can “take care of that.” As for the embryos you no longer want, they can be frozen, discarded, donated, or given to science.

The video is satire based on the horrible realities of the fertility industry — in which more human beings are destroyed during the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process than by abortion.

The fertility industry was born out of a good desire — the desire to have children. But the billion-dollar industry turned the gift of children into a product to be bought, sold, stored on a shelf, or disposed of at will. An estimated 1.7 million embryos have been destroyed through the IVF process. In the United States, it is also believed that one million embryos have been frozen indefinitely. In comparison, about one million babies have been born through IVF in the U.S.

Embryos are graded on their “quality” — a eugenic and discriminatory way to judge any human being. Those who don’t make the cut are automatically destroyed based on the parents’ contract with the clinic. Those who do survive to implantation are at risk of being aborted for a previously undiagnosed health condition or for being one of ‘too many’ embryos that implanted. Selective reduction abortion allows parents to abort one or more of the children they paid money to create.

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As for sperm and egg donation — the long-term emotional effects this has on the children created are grim. A study out of Harvard Medical School revealed that 62% of children conceived through donor technologies, including surrogacy, believe it to be unethical and immoral. One woman told Them Before Us, “Somehow, somewhere, my parents developed the idea that they deserved to have a baby, and it didn’t matter how much it cost, how many times it took, or how many died in the process. They deserved a child. And with an attitude like that, by the time I was born they thought they deserved to have the perfect child… as Dad defined a perfect child. And since they deserved a child, I was their property to be controlled, not a person or a gift to be treasured.”

Other studies have found that being separated from the ‘surrogate’ mother at birth is a “major physiologic stressor” for the baby. One young man who was created through traditional surrogacy said that his birth mother was paid $8,000 to have him and give him away. He explained:

Something horrible happened to us at birth. We lost our mothers. They did not die, but they might as well have been dead because we lost them in the capacity of mother, and to a tiny baby, that feels like death… That makes us feel very rejected. That leaves a hole in our hearts whether we admit to it or it manifests some other way like in depression or a fear of getting close to someone else…

Sometimes it doesn’t show up until we are in our teens or [are] young adults, and like me sometimes it shows up as a baby when I scream my head off for six weeks and they call it colic… Nothing can console us… I wanted my mother and she wasn’t there… You can’t just substitute mothers and expect us to be OK with it.

Most babies created through IVF will not survive; those that do are at risk of emotional trauma. In addition, they may face health challenges that few talk about — including the increased risk of low birth weight, premature birth, hospital admission, perinatal mortality, cerebral palsy, and “significantly” increased risk of birth defects. They are also at risk for high blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular problems, early-onset acute lymphoblastic leukemia, cognitive impairment, and girls conceived through IVF sometimes have advanced bone age and hormonal imbalances during puberty.

The fertility industry’s clients are adults, not children. The children it creates are nothing more than products to the fertility industry, which will create them, grade them, and destroy them for profit.

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