An average of 2,363 babies are aborted daily, with hundreds killed later in pregnancy


An average of 2,363 babies are killed daily by legal abortion in the United States, with nearly 300 of them aborted in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. The data comes from the most recent statistics published by Planned Parenthood’s former “special affiliate,” the Guttmacher Institute for 2017.

That year, 862,320 abortions were committed nationwide, versus more than 3.8 million live births recorded that same year. This means that while 10.5K children were born each day, nearly 2,400 were legally, violently suctioned from their mother’s wombs, starved of nutrients with pills, dismembered, or poisoned by lethal injection.


Early abortions: Nearly 2,100 daily

There is no federal requirement to report abortions, and no requirement to report abortions by gestation. However, Guttmacher’s graph below (from 2016) gives us an estimation on the numbers.

  • 8 weeks or less (65.4%/563,957) –  1,545 abortions daily.
  • 9-10 weeks (14.7%/126,761) – 347 abortions daily.
  • 11-12 weeks (8.2%/ 70,710) –  nearly 194 abortions daily.
Image: Guttmacher 2016 abortion by trimester (Graph: Guttmacher Institute)

2363 babies aborted daily

Guttmacher 2016 abortion by trimester (Graph: Guttmacher Institute)

This means that it is likely that nearly 2,100 abortions occur daily in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Late abortions: Nearly 300 babies killed every day

Live Action News previously debunked the claim that later abortions are only committed on women seeking them for health reasons. Late-term abortions are, in fact, rarely done for so-called medical reasons because deliberately killing a preborn child is not medically necessary.

Using Guttmacher Institute’s 2017 data, we estimate that 100,897 babies are aborted annually at 13 weeks gestation (11 weeks post-fertilization) and later. This totals to over 276 babies aborted every single day who are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.


In addition, recently reviewed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data from Guttmacher estimates that between 6.3% and 7.4% of abortions take place annually at or after 15 weeks, with the vast majority being the dismemberment D&E procedure. Later abortions are estimated somewhere between 54,326 and 63,811 annually, bringing the daily death toll for babies killed at or after 15 weeks to between 149 and 175.

Neither the CDC nor the Guttmacher Institute break down abortions past 21 weeks, but they both acknowledge that late-term abortions committed at 21 weeks or later represent 1-1.3% of all reported abortions. Using Guttmacher’s 1.3% figure, we estimate that 11,210 babies are aborted at 21 weeks gestation or greater in one year, a total of nearly 31 babies every single day — more than the average Kindergarten classroom.

Many of these babies could be protected if the Supreme Court upholds Mississippi’s law in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, to be heard before the Court in December.

Black babies: Approximately 600 to 700 killed daily by abortion

Guttmacher data shows that “White patients accounted for 39% of abortion procedures in 2014, black patients for 28%, Hispanic patients for 25%, and patients of other races and ethnicities for 9%.”

The average daily number of abortions by race, using Guttmacher’s 2014 statistics, reveal that:

  • White women obtained over 921 abortions.
  • Black women obtained nearly 662 abortions.
  • Hispanic women obtained 591 abortions.

Guttmacher publishes more comprehensive abortion numbers than the CDC, which in 2018 recorded an estimated 657 white women, 570 Black women, and 340 Hispanic women obtained abortions every day.

Abortion is tethered to eugenics – it is a form of reproductive injustice used to target communities of color.

Abortion outnumbers adoptions

The sad reality is that while there are 2,363 babies killed from legal abortion every day, there were slightly over 302 daily adoptions recorded in 2014, the latest data published by the National Council for Adoption.

In 2017, the National Council for Adoption reported that the total number of all adoptions taking place in the U.S. fell from a count of 133,737 in 2007 to 110,373 (41,023 related adoptions and 69,350 unrelated adoptions) in 2014. They also reported that “the number of infant adoptions has remained mostly steady from 2007; there was even a small increase from 18,078 in 2007 to 18,329 in 2014.”

That means that while we kill 2,363 babies every day, just over 50 babies per day are adopted in the United States.

Image: Lila Rose on 2363 babies aborted every day (Image: Twitter)

Lila Rose on 2,363 abortions daily (Image: Twitter)

Abortion pill: Between 930 and 1,180 babies killed daily

Live Action News estimates the abortion industry is grossing nearly $200 million annually in abortion pill sales — twice as much money as initially projected. In 2017, the Guttmacher Institute reported that medication abortion accounted for nearly 40% of all reported abortions in 2017, a total of 339,640 chemical abortions that year. However, later estimates indicate the abortion pill could be responsible for 50% of total abortions today, bringing estimated totals to somewhere near 431,160 annually (1,181 daily).

While abortion advocates claim the abortion pill — which can be accessed by minors — is safe, a recently released Telabortion study, which implemented more stringent safety requirements than would be seen in normal use, revealed that six percent of “known outcomes” from the abortion pill were severe enough to result in emergency room or urgent care visits, with additional women experiencing serious adverse events.

If we extrapolate that number out nationally using the previously mentioned figures, this could result in between 20,380 and 25,870 women per year seeking care at ERs or urgent care facilities for abortion pill complications — a daily range of 56 to 71 women.

According to the pro-life Susan B Anthony List, “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on the cusp of intervening in Chellius v. Becerra, a case out of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that could serve as the catalyst for the pro-abortion Biden administration to weaken or remove these safeguards altogether.”

To counter this, SBA List reports that in 2021, “seven states enacted laws to stop dangerous chemical abortions and at least eight (8) additional states, and likely more, are poised to act in the next legislative session.”

On the federal level, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) and Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio) have introduced the SAVE Moms & Babies Act, which SBA List says would install federal safeguards to restrict chemical abortion.


According to the most recent statisticsmore than 2,500 lives have been saved through the abortion pill reversal protocol. And this year alone, states have enacted over 100 abortion restrictions.

Live Action is dedicated to bringing the daily toll of abortion deaths down to zero. The organization’s 2363 campaign, recently launched in Los Angeles, is expected to make its way to other major cities where it will educate the public about this tragedy.

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