American Medical Association sues North Dakota for forcing abortionists to discuss preborn humans

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In a display of what many perceive as pro-abortion activism, the American Medical Association (AMA) has joined forces with the Center for Reproductive Rights and local pro-abortion providers in a lawsuit against the state of North Dakota over new pro-life regulations.

North Dakota House Bill 1336, which was signed into law on March 22nd, requires physicians to discuss the nature of abortion, stating that “the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” It also states that physicians must present all the options to a woman seeking an abortion, informing her at least 24 hours in advance that “it may be possible to reverse the effects of an abortion-inducing drug” should she feel coerced, or come to regret her decision.

In the lawsuit, the AMA argues that the law violates the First Amendment rights of the small number of doctors in the state who perform abortions by forcing them to give women options other than abortion. Some have claimed this is akin to making physicians “act as the government’s mouthpiece,” as NBC News reported. The AMA argues that assertions about “fetal personhood” are “unmoored from medical science,” according to The Hill, and that abortion reversal is a procedure “wholly unsupported by the best, most reliable scientific evidence.”


But Dr. Donna Harrison, executive director of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told Live Action News in a statement that there are “multiple studies [including Davenport 2017, Delgado 2018, Yamabe 1989, and Baulieu 1989]” demonstrating that RU-486’s blockage of the hormone progesterone “is reversible.” She wrote:

The AMA has launched into pro-abortion advocacy, abandoning all scientific reason. Biology has for the last 200 years clearly stated that a new mammalian life begins at sperm egg union. Humans are mammals, and a complete, separate, unique human being is present in the womb of women who are pregnant. That is scientific fact.

It is also scientific fact that the abortion drug mifeprex works by blocking the hormone progesterone which allows a woman to carry a pregnancy. But this blockage is reversible, as multiple studies have clearly demonstrated. When you give natural progesterone, the mifeprex is unable to continue to block the progesterone receptors. This is exactly the same way we reverse drug overdoses in other areas of science.

By denying scientific reality, the AMA has launched into the realm of lying in order to promote abortion. The AMA has shamed its membership by such blind advocacy.

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A medication abortion is done by taking two pills. Part of what the first pill, mifepristone, does is to block progesterone to the baby, causing his or her demise. Dr. Anthony Levatino describes how the two abortion pills work together:


Although CBS has claimed that the AMA “often shies away from weighing in on overtly political matters” — a common misconception about the organization — the reality is that AMA has a long-standing history of radical pro-abortion activism, including support for partial-birth abortion, an unscientific and politically motivated stance. Dr. Michael New points out at CNS News that the AMA was wholly against abortion from shortly after its founding in 1847 until 1967. “When Dr. Horatio Storer, who received his M.D. at Harvard, started practicing medicine in 1855, noticed that the medical problems of female patients were frequently related to previous abortions, Storer played a key role in getting the American Medical Association to formally oppose abortion.”

Sadly, the more we have learned about the humanity of the preborn child in the womb, the more pro-abortion the AMA has become. More recently, the group joined in a lawsuit with Planned Parenthood against the Trump Administration’s rule to prevent Title X funding from being used for abortions. Such stances ignore the clear biological, scientific status of the preborn human as a genetically distinct individual. As Dr. Christopher Kaczor stated in Live Action’s Pro-Life Replies video video debunking the idea that a human in the womb is not a person, “‘Human being’ is mainly a biological term, whereas ‘person’ is mainly a moral term, referring to an individual’s value or rights.” It stands to reason that if a being is human — whether in or out of his or her mother’s womb — that being is fully deserving of the rights, status, and protections of an individual.

North Dakota’s law is scheduled to go into effect on August 1. However, the AMA lawsuit is seeking an injunction to prevent the law from being enforced.

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