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EXPOSED: American Medical Association, radically pro-abortion

The evidence is out in the open but will probably be a shock for the American people to know that the AMA (American Medical Association) supports a radical pro-abortion agenda. The complicit media of course does not want to highlight the shocking anti-life positions of this well known medical association. You can read the AMA positions for yourself by downloading the AMA-MSS Digest of Policy Actions from their website. Let’s begin:

AMA POSITION #1: “Support for Taxpayer Funded Abortion”

Not only do they want abortion without restriction and on-demand, they want you to pay for it.

AMA POSITION #2: Protection of Abortion Industry from Legal Scrutiny

The AMA’s policy position states:

“AMA-MSS condemns the attempts of the Department of Justice to subpoena medical records in cases involving abortion.”

What this means is that when abortion centers get in trouble, they want to be able to keep their actions secret – even from the United States Department of Justice.

AMA POSITION #3: Support for Partial-Birth Abortion

The AMA’s policy position states:

“AMA-MSS opposes the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003”

So how can we trust that the AMA cares about our health when they blatantly disregard the lives of unborn children?

20 weeks old

Remember, they support the killing of an over-50% delivered 9-month-old child by means of stabbing a knife into the brain of the child using your taxpayer dollars.

Partial-birth abortion medical diagram:

Partial Birth Abortion Diagram

ACTION ITEM: Only go to doctors who are not part of the AMA. If your doctor is a member of the AMA, ask your doctor to leave. About 20-30% of doctors are AMA members.


Evidence shows that while the AMA is a big abortion supporter, many doctors are not, as an abortion clinic told us how they had such a hard time finding doctors willing to do abortions:

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