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Wendy Davis goes silent on abortion

Wendy Davis seems to want Texans to forget about the one issue she built her campaign for governor on: abortion. She released her first campaign video, where she talks about all of the reasons she is the right choice for Texas. She’s described as good for businesses, for families, for veterans…but conspicuously, one issue is never even mentioned.

Why is it that Wendy Davis would want to turn her back on the one thing that catapulted her into the national spotlight? Before Wendy Davis decided to go on a crusade in support of late-term abortion and unregulated abortion clinics, she was a nobody. No one knew her; no one cared. But after filibustering a bill that would keep Texas women safe (in some awesome pink sneakers, don’t forget), she became a superstar. She was the darling of the abortion movement. It was her extreme support for abortion that made her gubernatorial run possible.

So what reason could she possibly have to minimize her extremist position on abortion?

Well, one reason could be that most Texans – including women – supported the bill that Wendy Davis fought so hard to keep from getting passed. Maybe she realized that her support was not coming from from Texans. She’s a puppet for abortion, and that just doesn’t make her very electable.

Texans should remember, though: Wendy Davis may try to pretend she’s an abortion fan no more, but it’s just an act. She may not make abortion the centerpiece of her campaign, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t hold the same extremist beliefs. Her ardent support of abortion, even if it means supporting late-term abortions and unsafe abortion clinics, hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s just being hidden underneath the footage of beautiful Texas accompanied by empty platitudes.

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