Washington Post spreads pro-abortion propaganda about later abortions

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Propaganda is a strong weapon which banks upon the ignorance of the public. As the saying goes, ‘he who controls the language controls the masses’ — and nothing exemplifies this more than the collaboration which exists between Big Abortion and Big Media when they join ranks to mask the torturous act of abortion perpetrated against a living human baby in the womb.

The most recent example of abortion propaganda comes from the Washington Post, which downplayed the heinous way abortion targets viable preborn children by claiming in their opening line: “Abortions after 21 weeks are rare and usually the result of tragedy.”

Media propagandists of abortion rarely require pro-abortion allies to explain why they do not limit abortion in the final days or weeks of pregnancy. Instead, they point to mutual opponents by crying foul anytime a pro-lifer claims abortion advocates are legalizing abortion “literally until the end of pregnancy,” as the Post put it.

Yet the Washington Post’s own headline dispels the myth that very late abortions don’t occur. Their headline reads, “Abortion ‘until the day of birth’ is almost never a thing.”

“Almost never” implies that it sometimes occurs — and these abortion propagandists are banking on readers failing to catch on.

Washington Post propaganda article claims Abortion up to Birth 'almost' never happens

Washington Post propaganda article claims Abortion up to Birth ‘almost’ never happens

Abortion after 21 weeks “vanishingly small” 

While the Washington Post’s propaganda piece claimed, “More than 93 percent are performed at or before 13 weeks,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data reviewed by Guttmacher previously estimated “that between 6.3% and 7.4% of all U.S. abortions are obtained at or after 15 weeks of pregnancy.” Based on Guttmacher’s 2020 published abortion totals of 930,160 abortions, that would mean that approximately 58.6K to 68.8K abortions are committed every year at or after 15 weeks, in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Abortion at or after the 21st week of pregnancy is estimated to be about 1% of all abortions, an amount downplayed by the Washington Post as a “vanishingly small” number according to the article.

But is it?

Before we crunch the numbers, which this abortion propaganda machine failed to do, it’s important to point out that there are no requirements that abortions are reported, so we really do not know what the true numbers are.

But, accepting the ‘1 percent’ premise for now, this would mean that 9,301 babies were killed in one year by violent abortion at or after 21 weeks of pregnancy (using 2020 Guttmacher data) and 10,722 babies ruthlessly slaughtered at or after 21 weeks according to more recent #WeCount numbers for June 2022-June 2023.

Children born prematurely at 21 weeks are reported to have survived with medical assistance.

Suggesting that the number of preborn babies killed at or after 21 weeks of pregnancy every year is a “vanishingly small” number would be like downplaying the 10,000 Americans who died in drunk-driving car crashes in 2019, thus dismissing the deluge of public messages about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Taking the Word of Abortion Profiteers 

Rather than advocate for the 10,000 preborn babies targeted by the brutal act of abortion, the Washington Post regurgitated the claims of abortion advocates, who clearly benefit from the media’s willing PR machine.

This strategy proved disastrous in the past when the debate over so-called partial birth abortion was raging. Then, the media simply believed the lie that these gruesome procedures only took place in small numbers when the health of the woman or baby were at risk. When the truth was revealed, the media had egg on their faces. Read about the lies exposed here.

In their latest article, the Washington Post cited Katrina Kimport, described as “a medical sociologist and professor at the University of California at San Francisco [UCSF]” and “one of the nation’s top experts on abortions later in pregnancy.” UCSF just happens to be home to a large abortion training program, but why get into the weeds when you have an ‘expert’ with deep ties to Big Abortion to cite?

Kimport’s “expertise” is based on her having “carried out in-depth formal interviews with more than 50 women who terminated pregnancies after 24 weeks (roughly the time a fetus is viable outside the womb),” the Washington Post wrote, adding that she’s “spoken with at least 20 more informally” the paper alleged.

Let’s stop for a moment and do the math here.

By the industry’s own admission, there are at least 9-10,000 abortions at or after 21 weeks every year, and no national reporting detailing just how many of those are committed at or after 24 weeks — because the abortion industry fights against any sort of required abortion reporting.

Yet somehow Kimport was able to gain access to 50 of those women. Do those 50 represent all abortions committed at 24 weeks? Doubtful. Does it represent half, a third, or maybe “less than 1 percent” of those procedures? We do not know, because the media outlet failed to ask. But remember, the gist of the article was to disprove that abortion takes place “until the day of birth.”

Yet, Kimport’s report acknowledged that “At the time of their abortion, participants’ pregnancy duration ranged from 24 weeks to 35 weeks LMP.”  Thirty-five weeks is extremely late — perhaps not the literal “day of birth,” but just a handful of weeks from it. This is something the abortion industry and their media allies gloss over. Instead, the abortion PR machine wants America to believe it is “rare” that, at a time when a baby can survive outside the womb, profiteers opt to brutally kill that child rather than induce birth to give that child a chance to survive.

And Kimport’s interviews confirm claims by pro-lifers that abortion in the third trimester can be committed for reasons of “personal choice,” something acknowledged by those who commit, profit from and train others to commit abortions.

Kimport writes, “The new information respondents received that led to their decision to obtain an abortion was not exclusively related to fetal health. For some respondents, the new information they obtained was that they were pregnant.”

Kimport detailed those cases:

  • “Autumn, a 22-year-old white woman in the West… stopped by the local health clinic and took a pregnancy test.” The ultrasound revealed that “Autumn was not early in pregnancy… she was 26 weeks into her pregnancy… Autumn sought an abortion in the third trimester because she did not know she needed one until then.”
  • “Veronica, a 21-year-old Latina woman in the South, also did not realize she was pregnant until she was in the third trimester of pregnancy…. When Veronica presented for her abortion appointment, the ultrasound worker determined that she was 25 weeks pregnant. Veronica needed an abortion in the third trimester because the fact that she was pregnant was new information to her when she was already 25 weeks pregnant.”
  • “Monique mostly ignored her pregnancy… At about 18 weeks gestation, she started prenatal care. Just over a month later, her (now) ex-boyfriend got a new job that came with a signing bonus, enabling them to afford an abortion, even at the higher costs associated with later gestations. Monique was able to obtain the abortion she ‘still always felt was the right choice.’ To sum up, Monique had a third-trimester abortion because she could not overcome state policy-created financial barriers to abortion until then.”

While these abortions described by Kimport are not literally on the day of birth, one could argue that the American public might describe this as ‘abortion up to birth.’

The Washington Post then chose to consult the pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to back up Big Abortion, having defined “late-term abortion” as “the period after 40 weeks, when the pregnancy has exceeded full-term.”

But even with this narrow definition, state reports out of Kentucky indicated that, while a pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, the lives of two preborn babies were violently ended by abortion in the state at 37 and 38 weeks gestation in 2019, and two babies were killed by abortion at 35 and 37 weeks gestation in 2017. The previously published Live Action News article also documented one abortion committed at 36 weeks and one at 39 weeks gestation in Minnesota, while Michigan recorded multiple abortions committed at “over 28 weeks” but did not specify the gestational age beyond this.

Still, this hard-hitting Washington Post propaganda piece failed to disclose how ACOG received $1.4 million from the pro-abortion Buffett Foundation in 2018, and received hundreds of thousands from the foundation in the past several years. In addition, ACOG itself has funded the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, a UCSF division which trains abortionists and where Kimport is listed as an “investigator.”

Abortion Propaganda Circle Completed

Perhaps the final kicker in this propaganda circle was that the Washington Post article was originally published by KFF Health News, which is described on KHN’s website as “an editorially independent program of the KFF.”

KFF is formerly known as The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation or the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Sitting as one of Kaiser’s Board of Trustees is Kathleen Sebelius, the former pro-abortion Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services under Barack Obama, who was financially supported, in part, by tainted dollars sent by late-term abortionist George Tiller.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) as well as The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation were not only named past recipients of Planned Parenthood’s infamous PPFA Maggie Award, but according to some reports, Kaiser Family Foundation was described as one of the original investors in the abortion pill, RU-486, when it was first introduced into the United States through the Population Council. In addition, Kaiser has sponsored studies on multiple uses of the pill.


Even more damming is that Kaiser’s own website lists multiple philanthropists as “funders,” including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, as well as the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, all known for funding Big Abortion.

Thus, this propaganda circle has now been completed.

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