Sick: Proceeds from Selena Gomez’s ‘1973’ necklace support late-term abortion

Singer Selena Gomez hasn’t exactly been quiet about her love for abortion, but now she is donning a necklace that directly supports late-term abortion along with some of the country’s most notorious abortionists. Gomez’s “1973” necklace is a nod to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States based on the notion that preborn human beings, like slaves were to slave owners, are not persons.

But the necklace isn’t just a symbol of Gomez’s love of abortion; it’s a call to action for her fans to follow suit and financially support a major organization of abortionists to the tune of $380 a necklace. The necklace was created by Sophie Ratner Jewelry, which is donating 30 percent of the proceeds to the Physicians for Reproductive Health, a group closely aligned with controversial abortionists.


The majority of Americans do not support late-term abortion, which is never necessary for the health reasons that abortionists claim they are. If Gomez really wanted to help women, she would throw her support and money behind pro-life groups that lift women up and empower them to achieve their career and parenting goals.

Here are some of those abortionists associated with the organization Selena Gomez is encouraging her fans to support financially:

Dr. Willie Parker, former PRH board chair: Accused of sexual misconduct

Late-term abortionist Parker was chairman of the board for Physicians for Reproductive Health for about three years, and resigned this year around the same time he was accused of sexual assault by abortion advocate Candice Russell, who implied she was not the only woman he abused. She kept quiet herself until someone referred to her as “one of Willie’s girls” and then she realized the full impact of the situation.

abortionist Willie Parker

Abortionist Dr. Willie Parker (Screenshot: Time/YouTube)

Parker, a self-proclaimed “Christian” abortionist, has compared himself to Jesus, and has admitted to killing 20,000 to 30,000 preborn children — whom he admits are human beings.

“It is wrong to kill an innocent human being. I agree,” he said during a debate with UNCW professor Dr. Mike Adams. “Abortion kills a human being. I agree.”

Dr. Curtis Boyd: “Am I killing? Yes, I am.”

Boyd is a late-term abortionist and former board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health who once said of abortion, “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.” And he’s been killing since the 1960s — before abortion was even legal in the U.S.  Not only does one of Boyd’s staff members admit that he is in it for the money, Boyd’s facility was entangled in the aborted baby body parts sales scandal, having partnered with the University of New Mexico to supply the school with eyes, lungs, brains, and hearts from aborted children.

abortion, abortionist

Abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd

Boyd has also faced lawsuits, including one by a former patient alledging he harvested the body parts of her aborted child without her permission and another concerning the death of a 23-year-old woman after an abortion at his facility.

Dr. Leroy Carhart: A long history of killing women

Abortionist Carhart is well-known for one thing: injuring patients. The former board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health and late-term abortionist has a history that includes multiple health violations, gross negligence, injuring patients, killing patients, and comparing preborn babies to “meat in a slow cooker.”

abortionist LeRoy Carhart

Abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart

Jennifer Morbelli went to Carhart for a late-term abortion after learning her preborn daughter had a condition that caused seizures. Baby Madison was killed by a lethal injection to her heart. The abortion took days to complete with Morbelli appearing weaker with each passing day. After delivering her dead daughter on a Wednesday, she began having chest pains that Thursday. She was unable to reach Carhart and was taken to the hospital where she died. She had a ruptured uterus that allowed amniotic fluid to enter her bloodstream, causing her blood to stop clotting. Carhart actually claimed this was a complication of pregnancy, not the abortion.

He also botched an abortion so badly on Christin Gilbert, a teen with Down syndrome, that she got sepsis and was bleeding from every orifice in her body before she died.

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Dr. Yashica Robinson: Saving abortion survivors would be a “waste of resources”

Robinson is a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health as well as the medical director of the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives associated with Dr. Willie Parker. She recently testified to a House committee on the future of abortion, saying that giving medical assistance to abortion survivors with a prenatal diagnosis “would be a waste of resources.”

Abortionist Dr. Yashica Robinson (Photo via

The abortion facility she runs has a history of poor health inspections, with citations for failing to clean procedure tables between patients, and failure to discard expired medications. She was also indicted for fraudulently billing Medicaid over $60,000 for misbranded intrauterine devices. In addition, her facility was hit with a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi: Abortion is “an act of love”

An abortionist in Hawaii and board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, Moayedi takes part in dangerous telemed abortions, in which the doctor never actually examines the patient who is given the abortion pill. Though abortion proponents claim the abortion pill is safe, countless women have suffered greatly from it. In fact, a California study on abortion safety revealed that medication abortions result in four times the complication rate of first-trimester surgical abortions.

Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi (Twitter)

In addition to participating in telemed abortions despite the risks, Moayedi once complained, “There is no Mother’s Day card to celebrate abortion.” She also claimed that abortion is “an act of intentional motherhood” and “an act of love” and reportedly laughed during an abortion while the patient’s two small children sat in the room.

Dr. Bhavik Kumar: Works at a notoriously unsafe facility

An abortionist at the dangerous Whole Woman’s Health facility in Texas, Kumar, a board memeber of Physicians for Reproductive Health, believes committing abortions is “a moral, just, and ethical part of being a family physician.” Yet there is nothing ethical about killing an innocent member of the family you say you are caring for.

Abortionist Dr. Bhavik Kumar (Photo via Kumar’s business Facebook page)

The abortion facility chain at which he works has come under fire for multiple safety and health code failures. His particular location in Austin, Texas, has failed to ensure a safe and sanitary environment and not being properly maintained to protect the health and safety of either staff or patients.

Dr. Jodi Magee: Caught lying to senators

The president and CEO of Physicians for Reproductive Health, Magee defended LeRoy Carhart after he killed Morbelli, saying the late-term abortionist – who has injured countless women and also had animals removed from his property due to neglect – is an “exemplary human being.”

Dr. Jodie Magee (Photo via Physicians for Reproductive Health)

When Magee isn’t defending notorious late-term abortionists who have a history of severely injuring women, she can apparently be caught lying to a Senate Committee. During a hearing on the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” in 2016, Magee made the claim that preborn children can’t feel pain at all until the third trimester. But her expertise in the matter was easily discredited when she was asked why then if preborn children can’t feel pain, do fetal surgeons administer anesthesia to them. She responded that she “can not speak to the clinical question.”

Here’s what late-term abortion looks like in a D&E abortion procedure:


And here’s what it looks like using an induction procedure:


Selena Gomez and her fans need to know what they’re truly supporting.

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