Abortionist admits to killing babies; harvests their 'intact' brains, eyes, lungs

Abortionist admits to killing babies; harvests their ‘intact’ brains, eyes, lungs

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Curtis Boyd is a notorious late-term abortionist in the United States. Filmed and interviewed multiple times, Boyd is not shy about what he is doing to babies – many of whom could survive on their own outside their mothers’ wombs.

In an interview with Texas news channel KVUE, Boyd admitted, “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”

The facility where Boyd aborts children partnered with the University of New Mexico to harvest baby body parts for dissection and ‘research.’ Journals from technicians involved in UNM research note the request for “whole, fixed brains” from Boyd’s facility. They further discuss some of the babies who were harvested after abortion, many undoubtedly ‘terminated’ personally by Boyd:

12.7 week triplets. Three eyes…2 heart, lung, brain.

Clinic labeled 28 week.

26+…intact head. Clinic thought 30 wk; Researcher #1 thought 32.

20 wk twins – intact brains

brain, 2 eyes, heart [from a 24 week old]

24 wk…head not intact

30.5 wks…intact – did not dissect

Twins = 1 w/ clubbed feet

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The chief secretary from Boyd’s abortion facility in Dallas reveals the training she received:

I was trained by a professional marketing director in how to sell abortions over the telephone. He took every one of our receptionists, nurses, and anyone else who would deal with people over the phone through an extensive training period. The object was, when the girl called, to hook the sale so that she wouldn’t get an abortion somewhere else, or adopt out her baby, or change her mind. We were doing it for the money.

This philosophy has destroyed children and taken the lives of women as well. In 2018, Boyd was also placed under “formal review” by New Mexico’s medical board for the death of a woman, Keisha Marie Atkins. Her mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Boyd’s facility and the abortionist personally last month, in September 2018. The emergency room doctor concluded Atkins died from an infection caused by a septic abortion — committed by Boyd.

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Despite the recklessness and violence of Boyd’s activities, he insists, “what I’m doing is important.”

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