How to get Planned Parenthood out of your school in just 10 steps

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is infamous for promoting abortion, but in recent years, it’s magnified another part of its disturbing agenda: its sex education curriculum. The abortion corporation has managed to insert itself right into a number of America’s public schools. Most parents have no idea the child they drop off at youth group Wednesday night had spent sixth period practicing how to put a condom on a penis model, provided in the school’s “health education” kit. But just because the abortion profiteer crept in the building doesn’t mean it has to stay. Here are ten ways you can help get Planned Parenthood out of your local public schools.

1. Appeal to the school board
Virtually every public school district board has a policy in which parents and community members may request to speak to the board. Check with your local board by calling the district office, and ask what you need to do to speak at a board meeting. Remember, even if you don’t have children in the school right now, as a taxpaying community member, you have a right to speak about what your tax money is supporting. What happens in the public school impacts the community. Be aware and proactive.

2. Use social media to your advantage
Planned Parenthood publicly announces its curriculum or teachers will be in a certain school, knowing that will create outrage in the community. But again, this is a public school, and you are the public. Get the facts and post factual information to your social media accounts. Ask others who feel likewise to share the information.

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3. If you have a child in the class, ask to sit in on one of the sex ed classes
Ask the school and teacher for permission to sit in when the lessons are taught. If they deny you, that in itself is newsworthy and may add fuel to the fire in the right way. Most parents don’t take well to thinking what’s happening in class is a secret. And if they do let you sit in, then it might help prevent certain types of discussion that might otherwise happen.

4. Write a letter to the editor, or a guest column for your local paper
Express your concern in writing. Very often, people don’t know there is something going on until someone speaks out in this way. A letter to the editor can spark a firestorm of action from complete strangers in your area who have no idea about what is happening in their local schools.

5. Contact the faith community
Many communities have ministerial alliances or other groups in which churches or community leaders come together, so you may only have to make one or two contacts to reach a number of churches.

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6. Protest publicly
While not usually the first line of defense, sometimes it takes a public protest to bring attention to an issue. STOPP notes:

When you have dealt with the school administration and the school board, and things are still not being changed, do not be afraid to take to the streets. A picket of the school facility is a good way to raise the level of public attention to the issue. We strongly recommend weekly pickets. With a weekly picket, you do not need a great many people to be effective. It becomes like dripping water. A small volume can have a tremendous effect over time.

7. Run for school board
The fact is, a lot of these decisions move forward or stop in the school board meeting. If you’re concerned about your community and the influence that Planned Parenthood-promoted sex ed may have on it, you can certainly help by donating some hours to being a school board member. STOPP says:

You are in this fight for the children. Certainly you are not in it for financial gain or because you have nothing better to do with your time. And you are not in it to gain the perceived power of elective office. Therefore, if you decide to run for the school board, do it on the issues. Remember, if you run on the issues and get the message out, even if you lose you win.

8. Create a petition and circulate it locally
Even if a petition isn’t officially sanctioned, by creating a grassroots petition, you can deliver those signatures to the school board and school leadership. Letting them see in black and white how much opposition exists to Planned Parenthood’s sex ed curriculum might be the key that unlocks the door… and boots the abortion corporation out. If your district is hoping to pass a bond issue or conduct large fundraisers, this sort of petition effort could put financial pressure on the district. If the board won’t abandon the sex ed for moral reasons, perhaps it will for financial ones; either way it means Planned Parenthood is out.

9. Volunteer at the school
You can make more changes from the inside than the outside. Public schools are always in need of volunteers. As you connect with members of the staff and build relationships within the district, you can do a lot of one-on-one education, which will help you in your fight.

10. Educate! Educate! Educate!
One major reason Planned Parenthood enters schools is by taking advantage of the public’s ignorance. The abortion giant knows that when it uses phrases like “medically accurate, scientific HIV education,” people will assume it’s a good thing to teach to students. If you know what’s really being taught, educate others. STOPP suggests:

It is usually very helpful to form an organization to carry on the fight. The organization does not have to be very formal or have a lot of members at first. It should have a name like “Concerned Parents of _____” or something similar.

Engaging others in the community is key, but, as STOPP notes, proceed with caution when it comes to your local PTA because “Planned Parenthood has gone to great lengths to infiltrate national and state PTAs. Before you trust any PTA, be sure to check out the leadership and find out what values they are pushing.”

Planned Parenthood may be a big and rich corporation, but parents can kick it out of their schools with one or more of these suggestions. The abortion giant counts on ignorance. With a bit of effort, you can overtake its agenda with truth.

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