One ‘chop shop’ was fined for selling human body parts. The other remains taxpayer-funded.

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A report recently published by the Washington Post describes how families were horrified to discover that the deceased bodies of family members they had donated to further medical research were actually sold to “chop shops” across the nation for a wide array of purposes — many nowhere close to being used for medical research to help humanity. Some donated remains were reportedly used as test dummies to serve as examples of how a human body would react to certain explosions, and other unnamed experiments. The company exposed in this scandal, Biological Resource Center, was taken to court — along with the buyers that purchased the donated remains — and were forced to pay a compensation fee to the devastated families involved.

Thanks to the work of The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in exposing the abortion industry’s role in the trafficking of aborted baby body parts, the world has also known since 2015 that the nation’s largest abortion corporation — Planned Parenthood — also sells the body parts of human beings. The difference? Biological Resource Center was forced to pay for its crimes. Planned Parenthood, however, still gets half a billion in taxpayer dollars every year, despite damning video evidence (which, incidentally, was not allowed to be viewed by a jury that just held The Center for Medical Progress liable in court).

Planned Parenthood employees were caught by CMP’s hidden cameras, callously discussing preborn children’s body parts, profits, and prices. But while these revelations shocked the world, this grisly trade isn’t really new.

The Cedar River abortion facility in Washington State has apparently been trading body parts for profit for years, as the facility gave a lecture on it at the National Abortion Federation Conference back in 2015. The facility discussed how to carry out such a task and what preservation techniques must be used, etc., while also making it clear that selling baby body parts is a very profitable business. A list of facility and doctor names compiles the number of abortion facilities involved in this black market, revealing that it is a prevalent industry, including over 20 facilities across the nation. Many more remain unspecified.

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The late Holly O’Donnell, a former StemExpress employee, confirmed this body parts trade in the abortion industry when she courageously told CMP about her experiences working as a fetal procurement technician. In an interview previously posted by Live Action News, she described having a “grocery list” of items she was instructed to procure each day, and remarked on how she would look over patient files to decide which “specimen” would be the best for her employer.


The privacy of patients was tossed aside as O’Donnell and her coworkers had access to each patient’s file and often used this criteria to schedule when they would be able to procure the “specimens” they were required to obtain. Getting consent from the mother before obtaining the “specimen” was spotty; there are reports of technicians ignoring the consent rule and harvesting organs without permission and without the mother’s knowledge. In Minnesota, where it is illegal to harvest organs from aborted babies, the business continues on with the help of Planned Parenthood. Regardless of whether the mother has consented to the harvesting or not, there is no compensation paid to her and she is unaware of what her aborted baby’s remains are used for.

While the public is understandably horrified at the idea of loved ones’ body parts being used in a way they should never have been, the public should be equally horrified at the use of the body parts of aborted children — no matter how much they are told that harvesting those parts will aid the rest of humanity. Human beings, born and preborn, should be treated with dignity.

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