Is Planned Parenthood involved in the illegal procurement of fetal body parts in Minnesota?

Is Planned Parenthood involved in the illegal procurement of fetal body parts in Minnesota?


In the most recent undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress, Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager for Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), admits that she procures fetal organs and tissue from abortion facilities “in San Diego, in Oregon, in Minnesota, and soon we will be starting in New Jersey and Philadelphia.”

Based on this confession, someone in the abortion industry is breaking a Minnesota law that bans the sale or donation of human body parts from abortion.

While it remains unclear which abortion providers Larton is referring to, suspicion is being cast on Planned Parenthood – and rightfully so – after videos proving the abortion giant actively participates in the sale of human body parts. Dozens of Republican state legislators in Minnesota asked Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton to investigate Planned Parenthood after the videos were released. Once again, the sale or donation of fetal organs or tissue is illegal under Minnesota law.

The local Planned Parenthood affiliate – Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) – claimed that it had never been involved in fetal tissue donation. But, as we have witnessed already, Planned Parenthood denies and will continue to deny any wrongdoing – even as the evidence continues to mount.

Whether or not Planned Parenthood is affiliated with the abortion facilities mentioned by Larton, ABR’s “procurement” is illegal. According to Life Site News,

A former ABR employee, Deborah Heap Tierney, listed her occupation on LinkedIn as “procurement specialist” at the company, in Minnesota, from February 2009 – two months before ABR’s business filing as a nonprofit – to November 2009. Investigators want to know: If organ donation was illegal, what was she procuring, and who acted as ABR’s supplier?

In a statement to Life Site News, State Representative Mary Franson, a Republican, had this to say:

Why is the nation’s largest and oldest fetal procurement company in Minnesota in the first place, let alone four miles from Planned Parenthood Minnesota? Minnesota law requires a dignified and sanitary disposal of fetal remains. Sales or donation of fetal remains is not permitted.

Gov. Mark Dayton responded to the scandal by accusing Republicans of “full-time grandstanding”:

As far as I’m concerned there’s no basis for an investigation at taxpayer expense into a private nonprofit organization that has stated they don’t engage in those practices here in Minnesota.

Oh, okay. So all they have to do is claim innocence and that’s the end of it. That makes sense, Governor; thanks for your leadership.

When evidence of illegal behavior arises, unbiased and thorough investigation must follow – whether or not it suits the agenda of politicians. Larton confessed to procuring human body parts in Minnesota, against state law, and the state must respond by getting to the bottom of this quickly.

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