You’ve seen the Planned Parenthood videos. Now what can you do?

The Center for Medical Progress has, to date, released five undercover videos of their investigations of Planned Parenthood. Their three-year investigation, which took place in multiple states across the country, found top Planned Parenthood executives attempting to sell the body parts of aborted babies, haggling over price.

One of the videos showed a high-ranking Planned Parenthood staffer laughing about how she wanted a Lamborghini; several of the other videos show staffers pointing out the indisputable humanity of the babies, exclaiming how a baby was a boy, or a twin. The latest video shows that Planned Parenthood is willing to modify abortion procedures in order to guarantee intact babies.

Plenty of politicians have reacted strongly. The House of Representatives is investigating Planned Parenthood, as are multiple states; Alabama, New Hampshire, and Louisiana have all defunded Planned Parenthood.

But what can you do?

    • DEMAND that we defund Planned Parenthood: You can start by signing the petition. Be sure to share the link and encourage others to sign as well.
    • BE BOLD: Share, post, and talk about abortion: Abortion is one of those topics that can be somewhat taboo — emotions around the subject run high, and especially on social media, people tend to want to make nice. But these videos show how important it is – now, more than ever – to speak up. Talk about the evil that goes on at Planned Parenthood; discuss the science of embryology and fetal development. Be unafraid to publicly show that you are pro-life and say that abortion should be illegal. You never know whose heart you may change.
    • GET INVOLVED politically: Go to your town hall meetings this month. Stand up and ask your congressmen about the videos and what they plan to do in response. If they support Planned Parenthood, be armed with the facts and demand that they work to defund them.If you can’t go to your town hall meeting, then call or write your congressmen and your senators. (You can find out how to contact your congressmen here and your senators here.) Demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded, not only because of these videos, but because of their consistent law-breaking and illegal activity that puts women and young girls at risk.
    • GET INVOLVED in your community: Make sure to take the time to volunteer. Abortion advocates like to claim that Planned Parenthood is the only access that low-income women have to health care. This is patently untrue — local health clinics and crisis pregnancy centers serve these same women without nearly the funds or recognition that Planned Parenthood enjoys. They rely on volunteers in their communities to keep going, so give a little of your time to help women in need, so they continue to have someplace to get help beyond Planned Parenthood.Pray and counsel at your local abortion clinic. Your presence could help save a life.Do your city zoning laws and regulations allow Planned Parenthood to build facilities in your area? Contact your city council and find out. If they do not, then contact your local politicians to ensure it remains that way. If they do, contact them and demand a change.

      Contact your school board. Is Planned Parenthood allowed to send their counselors into your schools? Find out and take action. The last thing that our children need is to have Planned Parenthood’s evil influence in their schools. Make sure you are protecting your children and the children of your community.

Live Action President Lila Rose recently was interviewed by Glenn Beck on the most effective things that people can do to fight Planned Parenthood. The interview can be heard below:

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If we work together and take action, we can see that this evil organization is stopped.

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