One-third of women seeking abortion in Ireland were using birth control

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A study of abortion in Ireland has revealed that one-third of women who sought an abortion were using birth control when they became pregnant.

The study, carried out by four GPs based in Cork and published in Science Direct, looked at abortion statistics in Ireland beginning in January of 2019, when the country’s law legalizing abortion went into effect, through June of 2019. 475 women who underwent abortions during that time period were reviewed. The study found 65% of them were over age 25, and that 34% of them were taking contraception when they became pregnant.

Two earlier studies, both from pro-abortion organizations, found that more than half of the women who seek abortion reported using birth control during the same month they became pregnant. A 2018 study by the Guttmacher Institute, the former research arm of Planned Parenthood, found that 51% of women seeking abortion were using birth control at the time they became pregnant. Likewise, a 2017 study by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service found that 51.2% of women seeking abortion were using at least one form of contraception when they became pregnant.

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Depending on the type, birth control can carry a significant failure rate that is largely ignored by both the media and pro-abortion organizations. Former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Treviño said this is because “contraception and abortion are two sides of the same coin.”


“One does not exist without the other,” Treviño told 40 Days for Life in 2020. “[C]ontraception creates a market for abortion by promoting promiscuity and providing men and women a false sense of security against an unintended pregnancy. The more promiscuous people are (especially young people), the more likely they’ll become pregnant.”

She added, “The more people use birth control and adopt a contraceptive mentality, the higher the odds that they’ll seek an abortion. Because, let’s face it, if they’re using birth control, a child is not part of the ‘plan.’ Abortion is the backup, so to speak, for contraceptive failure, misuse, or lack of self-control.”

Former Planned Parenthood sex educator Monica Kline echoed Treviño’s comments. She said Planned Parenthood sells sex to children by breaking down their natural inhibitions and teaching them sex is a harmless “recreational activity” when they use “protection.” But children lack the self-control and brain development to use contraception consistently and correctly. According to Kline, this creates future abortion clients for Planned Parenthood.

She noted that abortion numbers rose dramatically after the legalization of contraception and saw two reasons for this: that “law dictates morality,” and that “contraception helped make sexual mortality passé.”

Of the women in the Irish study who were not on birth control when they became pregnant, 69% of them began to take contraception after the abortion. That’s the equivalent of 290 women. If they all began taking the birth control pill, which carries a nine percent failure rate, at least 26 of them will still become pregnant, and could seek out a second abortion.

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