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White House seeking to circumvent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling

The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and religious freedom, agreeing with Hobby Lobby that the Obama administration can not force them to pay for abortifacient birth control.

Hobby Lobby was only refusing to cover four out of twenty birth control methods, which they assert cause early abortions. As a company founded on Christian beliefs, this violated their religious principles. The Obama administration was going to fine Hobby Lobby hundreds of millions of dollars each year if the organization did not provide those four methods of birth control — an amount that would have equaled 20% of their yearly revenue. The court rightly stated that a religious person should not be forced to choose between their religious beliefs and the ability to operate a business in the private sector.

Unfortunately, we can’t get too excited just yet. Life News spotlighted a joking message from pro-life governor Bobby Jindal:

The tweet was funny at first, until Reuters released this bombshell:

That is a chilling, albeit unsurprising, development. But then, what else is to be expected from Barack Obama? He is the most pro-abortion president this country has ever had, voting three times in favor of allowing the murder of children who survive abortion, working hand-in-hand with Planned Parenthood throughout his presidency. He has continuously attacked religious freedom and shown disdain for the humanity of unborn children, and the pro-lifers who work to defend them.

The Supreme Court decision was a huge victory for pro-lifers and for advocates of religious freedom, but the message is clear. We need to brace ourselves and be ready, for this battle is far from over.

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