Two Adoption Stories: Couples seek to give an infant and embryos a home

Journeys of love unfolding.

Couples from Two Adoption Stories

Couples from Two Adoption Stories.

Ben and Beth and Seth and Aubrie are two unique couples with a common passion for adoption. The four friends have chosen to share their adoption journeys with the world through their web page, “Two Adoption Stories.” The couples know there are many different paths to take when pursuing adoption. They’re hoping to tell their stories as a means of inspiring and informing others.

In November 2012, Seth and Aubrie decided to pursue embryo adoption. In a blog post titled, “You’re adopting a what?,” Seth discusses the questions they receive about this type of adoption. Seth explains the difference between in vitro fertilization and embryo adoption:

How does this differ from in vitro fertilization (IVF)?  We are not creating humans.  Fertilization is not part of an adoption story because adoption is by definition the taking into one’s family children who already exist.  Fertilization, by contrast, is the creation of a human being.  But adoption stories are not about creating new life.  They are about adopting humans who are already here.

Seth further writes that according to, more than 600,000 of these embryos exist frozen in America today. If their genetic parents don’t give birth to them, they will be discarded, frozen forever, or possibly used for research. Or, as in Seth’s and Aubrie’s case, they can be adopted. The couple will adopt between one and four embryos through a genetic family that’s a good fit. There’s a 35% chance of survival for each child who will be thawed and transferred to Aubrie’s womb.

Seth, Aubrie and Adia

Seth, Aubrie, and Adia.

Aubrie and Seth believe that embryo adoption is a great fit for them, because they’re passionate about caring for the pre-born. As Christians, they believe that pre-born children are just as valuable as those already born. Embryo adoption enables them to give a family to a pre-born child or children who otherwise wouldn’t have one. They couple has already been blessed with a beautiful biological daughter named Adia. After Adia was born, the couple decided that the next child they would bring into home would come by embryo adoption.

Ben and Beth started their journey to adopt in September 2012 by attending an eight-week adoption class. They’re looking for a private domestic infant adoption. They’ll be adopting from the U.S., and they’re responsible for finding their own birth mother.

Ben and Beth are hopefully waiting to adopt an infant

Ben and Beth are hopefully waiting to adopt an infant.

In a blog post titled “Help + Hashtags,” Ben shares ways the public can help with their adoption. Many have bought adoption t-shirts or stickers from their web page, as well as donated funds. For those who are wondering what else they can do, Ben offers three suggestions. The first need they have is prayer. They want people to pray for the birth mother of their future child, wherever she may be. Pray for the child’s health and safety. Pray for Ben and Beth as they prepare themselves for parenthood.

Ben also asks for people to be “adoption advocates.” He writes:

Be our adoption advocate. We don’t know everyone you know, nor could we. So share our story with all your neighbors, family members, coworkers and friends. You may be one or two connections away from someone wanting to set up an adoption plan for their child. The more you tell our story, the more people will think of us when hearing of an adoption situation.

His third request is for people to use social media to support them. Share their stories on Facebook and Twitter. Get an adoption t-shirt and upload a pic on Instagram of yourself wearing it. Their stories should be told as a means of encouraging others to adopt, helping them fund their adoption process, and in Ben and Beth’s case, hopefully allowing them to connect to a birth mom.

The couples at “Two Adoption Stories” have hearts that seek to love God and man. In the “about” section of their web page, they answer the question, “Why adopt?” They share that they are choosing to adopt because God adopted us first (Romans 8:14-16), because every life is precious (Psalm 139:13-16), and because God’s word emphasizes the importance of caring for widows and orphans (James 1:27).

Ben and Beth wrote, “We love what adoption means – both on practical and spiritual level. It is a beautiful picture of what God has done for us by accepting us as His own children. It is also a wonderful opportunity to love, protect and cherish a child who would otherwise be in a very difficult situation.”

Seth, Aubrie, Ben, and Beth have their hearts in the right place. I look forward to watching their adoption journeys unfold.

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