Third Undercover Video Exposes Center That Would Leave Babies Born Alive from Failed Abortion to Die

“They do not resuscitate.”

Today Live Action released the third video in its Inhuman undercover video investigation. The latest installment in the investigative series only further establishes the fact that Kermit Gosnell, with his “House of Horrors,” is not alone. With footage taken at the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix, Arizona, the brutality, inhumanity, and lawlessness of the late-term abortion industry is clearly documented.

When asked by the undercover investigator what would happen if the baby were to survive the abortion, Linda, an abortion center counselor, admits they would not help the baby. From the press release:

Sometimes they are [alive], yeah. But it doesn’t–it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come out whole. ‘Cause they use suction, plus they use instruments so sometimes the fetuses don’t come out–you know, it’s not complete…

Investigator: But if it does come out whole…I mean, are–will they resuscitate it? Like, will I have to take care of it?

Linda: Uh-uh… No…They do not resuscitate.

Later in the video, Doctor Mercer tells the undercover Live Action investigator who is 24 weeks pregnant:

We do the injection, which is a quick poke through your belly, um, and that stops the fetal heart, so that makes it so, if you were to deliver, there shouldn’t be movement. There shouldn’t be any of those things… Yes we induce a demise–an intrauterine demise… Um, death.

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