Sandra Fluke equates birth control pills to leukemia treatment

There are choices, and then there are choices.

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Sandra Fluke has become increasingly irrelevant after her one brief moment in the spotlight, where she whined about having to pay for her own birth control. Since then, she has been drawing crowds of a whopping ten people.

She must have missed the attention, as she’s come roaring back with yet another absurd claim: birth control coverage is the same thing as coverage for treating leukemia!

So let’s get this straight. Companies against the government forcing them to fund something that goes against their religious beliefs – that 99% of the time is nothing more than preventative care to allow women to have sex without consequences – is the same thing as denying someone life-saving treatment to fight against cancer? Talk about delusional.

It’s even more ridiculous when you consider that there’s already a free form of contraception. It’s called: don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby! But then, that of course requires us to accept that human beings are not animals who are incapable to fighting our urges. People like Sandra Fluke want us to feel like sex is something that we need to survive, like food or air. If you have the urge to have sex, then it’s just inhumane to expect you to abstain. Because, you know, we’re nothing more than animals who can’t control ourselves.

There’s also something rather disturbing about Fluke’s comparison of birth control to leukemia. Pro-aborts like her act as if pregnancy is some kind of strange disease that just happens. No one chooses to get pregnant. One’s actions have nothing to do with it. Women just mysteriously get pregnant unless they have the magical birth control pill to make it stop.

Meanwhile, leukemia is a disease that no one chooses to get. There are no preventative measures. There’s a choice involved in having sex. There’s no choice when it comes to whether or not you’ll get cancer. Comparing the two just goes to show not only how idiotic Sandra Fluke is, but also how sick her mind is.

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