Planned Parenthood's Facebook page filling with outraged supportersPlanned Parenthood's Facebook page filling with outraged supporters

Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page filling with outraged supporters

Since Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many of the abortion group’s supporters have been in disbelief. Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page continues to fill with incensed expressions of outrage – not from pro-lifers, but from PP’s own former supporters.

Many are assuring Planned Parenthood that they will no longer send donations, and that they are “unliking” PP’s Facebook page or unsubscribing from PP emails. Women and men are expressing anger over their general sentiment that Hillary Clinton has oppressed vulnerable women. They are telling PP that the endorsement is evidence of cronyism and corruption, and some are even agreeing that it is time for Planned Parenthood to be defunded.

Clinton, Planned Parenthood, defund, Hillary

Defund, Planned Parenthood, outrage, ClintonPlanned Parenthood, Clinton, set country backPlanned Parenthood, federally funded, defund Planned Parenthood, resign, Cecile Richards, federal fundingSome posting on PP’s page seem to finally understand why pro-lifers have been objecting to the taxpayer funding of PP for years: corruption. When its their own tax dollars potentially funding a candidate they don’t like, these commenters are more willing to express their outrage and approve of Congressional investigations.

Planned Parenthood, questions, business, Clinton, Sanders Hillary, Planned Parenthood, tax dollars, campaign

Planned Parenthood, PP, Clinton, corruptOne longtime supporter tells it just like he sees it, calling Planned Parenthood “FOOLS.”

Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, foolsAnother chimes in with a cry of “idiots.”

Planned Parenthood, idiots, lose support, baseOne woman hasn’t been moved enough to stop supporting PP, but she points out the abortion giant’s insistence on “stick[ing] with misinformation.”

Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, respect, loseMany are more than disappointed in Planned Parenthood’s lack of regard for the women trampled and hurt by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and The Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Planned Parenthood women's rightsHillary, rape, Bill, Clinton, Planned Parenthood, endorse, money

Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, ruthlessOther former Planned Parenthood supporters are seeing the truth: “Planned Parenthood is putting their business before the welfare of woman [sic],” and, for the abortion giant, it really is all about money, “nepotism, and personal connections.”

Planned Parenthood business before women, Clinton, Bernie Sanders Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, dig deeper, moneySome are pointing out what they believe is a conflict of interest, as PP President Cecile Richard’s daughter, Lily Adams, works for the Clinton campaign.

Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, conflict of interest, disappointed Clinton, Planned Parenthood, endorsement, conflict of interestCountless outraged supporters are declaring that Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of HRC has equaled an end to their personal donations and support:

Planned Parenthood, Democrat, Sanders, Clinton No more money, Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton Betrayal, Clinton, Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood, Hillary the criminal

Planned Parenthood, Clinton, cancel membership Planned Parenthood, Clinton, endorsement, disgusting Planned Parenthood, supporter, slap hands feed you Planned Parenthood, Hillary, lost support Planned Parenthood, endorse, Clinton, farce Planned Parenthood, Clinton, bad move, donations Hillary, Planned Parenthood, endorse, unsubscribeYou keep Hillary, I'll keep my donation, Planned ParenthoodAnd so the outrage continues…


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