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New ad highlights difficulties Catholic hospitals face in wake of Obama administration’s H.H.S. mandate

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During this season of political ads attacking everything under the sun, Wisconsin Right to Life has taken to the airwaves in Wisconsin to promote life and freedom of religion. According to the Wisconsin pro-life group, a new ad is airing in most of Wisconsin’s media markets. The ad deals with the HHS mandate in ObamaCare, which will require employers to provide contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in health plans, even if the employer objects on religious or moral grounds.

Specifically, the ad deals with the impact on Catholic hospitals and universities. We are told by a doctor in the ad, “The federal administration is ordering a Catholic hospitals and universities to provide coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. To follow administration orders means Catholic hospitals and universities face a dilemma-serve only Catholics but deny care to all others or defy the administration and pay huge financial penalties or close their doors altogether.”

Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director Barbara Lyons stated, “Wisconsin Right to Life believes this is an untenable situation that the public needs to be aware of.”

Back to the video, the doctor tells us, “The old America guaranteed freedom of religion, but not anymore.”

You can view the ad here.

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