Mexican state votes to ‘protect life from conception’ by banning abortions

Legislators in Veracruz, Mexico, have approved a constitutional amendment that, if it reaches final approval, will effectively ban virtually all abortions by “protect[ing] life from conception.”

Veracruz follows at least eighteen Mexican states which have banned abortion in recent years. “I congratulate legislators of the Veracruz legislature for saying yes to life,” outgoing pro-life Governor Javier Duarte said in response to the vote.

In order to get enacted, the amendment must next be approved by a majority of state municipalities, a hurdle it is expected to clear.

Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice ruled against forcing every state to allow abortion in June.


But while Mexico’s laws are more pro-life than America’s in some respects, banning abortion in over half the states, Texas abortionists have also been known to send patients across the border, where they can obtain abortion drugs without prescriptions or proper dosage information.

As of 2009, the country’s annual number of abortions was 12,221.

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