Lawyers refute NAF’s fraud claims against Center for Medical Progress

David Daleiden, Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood, twitter

The Life Legal Defense Foundation is fighting back against the National Abortion Federation’s efforts to discredit Center for Medical Progress leader David Daleiden as a “racketeer” who fraudulently infiltrated the group’s meetings to produce CMP’s undercover videos exposing the sale of aborted babies’ organs in the abortion industry.

NAF is seeking an injunction against the release of the pro-life investigators’ videos, claiming the footage was illegally obtained because Daleiden “snuck into” private meetings and “stole” the information he obtained therein.

In response, LLDF has filed an opposition brief which makes the case that “NAF unwittingly rolled out the red carpet for BioMax [Daleiden’s fictitious front company] because NAF believed they were illegal dealers in fetal tissue,” repeatedly inviting CMP’s investigators to meet with them.

Along with the brief, Daleiden himself submitted a declaration explaining the events, in which he explains that a NAF employee his investigators met at a reproductive health industry conference “invited the investigators, as representatives of BioMax, to attend and exhibit at the next NAF Annual Meeting,” and expressed excitement upon hearing the investigator’s offer to discuss fees BioMax illegally received from researchers for fetal tissue, even “strongly encourag[ing] to exhibit at the NAF meeting.”

Daleiden goes on to describe repeatedly telling NAF personnel of BioMax’s legally-dubious plans, and repeatedly being met with enthusiasm by the abortion organization.

“The National Abortion Federation has played the victim card too long,” LLDF declares, concluding NAF was “completely taken in by a legitimate undercover investigation, and yes, they were uncovered.”

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