Cecile Richards invites Donald Trump to see Planned Parenthood’s work, but will she show him this?

Requests for this procedure at Planned Parenthood were sent to the top of the queue.

This week just before her #PinkOut Day, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards tweeted an invite to President Donald Trump. In the letter, Richards invited the president to visit a Planned Parenthood facility in Iowa. She told him he could see “firsthand” the “good work” Planned Parenthood does for women.

Of course, it’s easy to use feel-good rhetoric like “good work” and “lifesaving care.” What Richards is clearly unwilling to spill the beans on, however, is the life-taking work done at her Planned Parenthood facilities in Iowa and across the nation. At its facility in Des Moines, Planned Parenthood commits abortions up to 19 weeks, 6 days. In Iowa City, the abortion chain goes up to 21 weeks, 6 days — encroaching on viability.

Iowa City Planned Parenthood

As Live Action News reported:

(The earliest recorded babies to survive, James Elgin Gill and Frieda Mangold, were born at 21 weeks 6 days and 21 weeks 5 days.) The Washington Post remarkably even reported: “That babies can survive at 22 weeks is not a new finding; it has been known for 15 years. … New research confirmed that 22-week fetuses, measured from the first day of the pregnant woman’s last menstrual cycle, can survive.”

Planned Parenthood staff admit that ultrasound machines used at their facilities are not as clear or detailed as those used in regular OBGYN offices. It would be extremely easy to miss the accurate dating of a child by a single day, even with an advanced ultrasound machine, and abortionists are not exactly known for being the most honest profession.

So, it is well within the realm of possibilities that, if President Trump took Cecile Richards up on her offer to visit an Iowa Planned Parenthood, he might walk through the doors of a facility while it is dismembering and violently taking the life of a baby who could have survived outside the womb, were she born at a hospital instead.

Baby Walter at 19 weeks. Cecile Richards' Planned Parenthood aborts babies at this age.

Baby Walter at 19 weeks

Richards’ offer to let the president see “firsthand” the work of Planned Parenthood is disingenuous on its face. Is she really offering to let him witness STI testing, clinical breast exams, or a birth control handout to a teenage girl? No, what Richards is offering is to take President Trump into the waiting room or the gleaming offices of a gussied-up Planned Parenthood, where all he’ll see is smiling staff members, white walls, and propaganda-strewn walls and tables. There will be no actual work that he sees.

Besides the fact that seeing such work would invade the privacy of women that Planned Parenthood claims to hold so dear, it’s also a fact that refusing to let President Trump see what actually happens at a Planned Parenthood clinic enables Cecile Richards to hide the realities of abortion. Women crying, young girls begging for it to stop, blood on the tables and on the floor, pieces of tiny bodies sucked into a machine, torn arms and legs and crushed heads being counted to ensure no dismembered piece or bone shard is unaccounted for.

These are the realities that staff members at Planned Parenthood talk about. There’s also the eyeballs that roll into the laps of the abortionists, the legs they yank on and pull off, and the heads they crush with metal devices. Lest anyone think this is outrageous pro-life rhetoric, there is a video from an abortion workers’ conference, sponsored by the National Abortion Federation, that makes all these claims and more.

Would Richards like to show these realities to the president? What about allowing him to witness the roughly 10 percent of second trimester babies who are born before the abortion has been completed at the Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood facility in Denver? Would President Trump hear their cries, see their little bodies struggle for air and come up empty? Would he see the failure of Planned Parenthood staff to transfer born-alive infants to a hospital? Or would he see exactly what abortion is and what it does to the bodies of children, struggling for their lives?

These are the realities of the “good work” at Planned Parenthood facilities. Is Cecile Richards ready for the president to come see, “firsthand,” what really goes on behind closed doors?

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