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‘There was blood everywhere’: Woman says Planned Parenthood misled her about abortion pill

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The website AbortionPillRisks.org features the testimony of Kay, a pro-abortion woman who had a nightmarish experience with the abortion pill. Kay shared that Planned Parenthood misled her about what taking the abortion pill would be like.

In 2006, Kay underwent a surgical abortion. When she faced another unwanted pregnancy in 2013, she called Planned Parenthood. She was less than five weeks pregnant, and they told her it was too early for her to have an abortion. She made an appointment for two weeks later.

When she arrived for her appointment, Planned Parenthood staff showed her a video about the abortion pill. “The video described the process very superficially and compared a medical abortion to a ‘heavy period,'” she explained. She added that the abortionist spent less than two minutes explaining the abortion process and the drugs he would be giving her, which included the two abortion pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, as well as hydrocodone for pain.

Kay said the consultation with the doctor took less than 10 minutes. When she asked questions, the abortionist became annoyed and said, “Don’t be so anal about this. The hardest part, getting here, is over. Just follow the directions on the printout.  All the information you need is there.”

Kay noticed that one of the doctor’s instructions — not to take aspirin, a blood thinner — wasn’t on the information sheet, and she pointed this out to him. Yet, he dismissed it.

Kay took the first drug, mifepristone, in the abortionist’s office and went home.



Later, Kay took two hydrocodone pills and the misoprostol while soaking in a bathtub. She expected nothing more than a heavy period as Planned Parenthood had told her.

Instead, she endured an agonizing ordeal. She explained:

Within 15 minutes of the capsules dissolving, I felt heavy pressure in my lower abdomen and uncontrollable cramping. I was in so much pain I nearly fainted.

Tears streaming down my face I called my husband back and told him I was dying. I told him to come home as fast as possible and I hung up…

This pain was unimaginable. Indescribable. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. With every cramp, I felt my heart race and my blood pressure plummet.

I felt nauseated, dizzy, and light-headed. By the time my husband arrived home a few minutes later, the water in the tub was colored red by blood and our dog was barking like mad in-between my screams.

Kay’s husband called the emergency number for the abortion facility, but the worker there told him that Kay’s experience was “normal” and not to take her to the hospital. They also told him that she shouldn’t be in a bathtub because bathing could cause infection. Neither the doctor nor the handout had warned Kay about this risk.

Kay’s husband helped her shower. He carried her to the bed because she was unable to walk. She took two more hydrocodone pills but said, “The additional medication (keep in mind- four hydros in less than 90 minutes) barely cut the pain.”

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As Kay’s husband lay beside her, she said she “faded in and out, shivering and sweating.” Kay then passed a lemon-sized blood clot, which she thinks may have been the remains of her baby. It could have been the amniotic sac containing her child.

Kay was too weak to undress, so her husband changed her clothes and cleaned up the blood. Finally, Kay fell asleep.

Even then, her ordeal was not over. “I still bled for the next five weeks,” she said. “Sometimes it would just be spotting, but at other times there would be gushes of blood.”

One day, while sitting in her husband’s car, Kay suddenly began bleeding so heavily she thought at first she had lost control of her bladder. She said:

There was blood everywhere- on the seat, on the floor of the car, on the back of my skirt, down my legs (and completely soaked through the mega-pad Planned Parenthood had recommended).

It all had happened in just a few seconds. He told me to go inside and to lie down. He called the number again, was told that this was “normal” and that I didn’t need to go to the hospital unless it happened continuously (i.e. unless I was hemorrhaging).

It took her husband hours to clean up the blood.

Over the next few weeks, Kay bled through the pads she wore and got blood all over her clothes. It happened to her in public, and she began staying home out of embarrassment. She called the ordeal “awful” and “traumatic” and said it was “the worst experience of my life.” She blames Planned Parenthood for not warning her about the true effects of the abortion pill.

When she told another pro-abortion friend about her experience, the friend suggested Planned Parenthood withheld the truth so as not to frighten her out of having the abortion. Although she still supports legal abortion, Kay believes Planned Parenthood wrongly deceived her.

Other women have had similar experiences with the abortion pill. One woman said, “On a scale of one to ten, the pain was an eight.” Another said, “When I took off my jeans, blood covered my thighs. I couldn’t let the sheets get bloody, so I wrapped towels around me and stayed in bed, with incredibly painful cramping.” In the magazine Marie Claire, one woman spoke of being misled about the abortion pill by abortion workers. Abby Johnson told a similar story.

Editor’s Note: Visit AbortionPillReversal.com for information on how to potentially stop the abortion pill process after it has begun.

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