Amnesty International declares Ireland a “rogue nation” for protecting life

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Last week the United Nation Human Rights Committee called Ireland “cruel” for its ban on abortion, and now Amnesty International has joined in the condemnation.

AI Irish affiliate head Colm O’Gorman said that the “Irish government must take its head out of the sand and see that it has to tackle this issue,” going so far as to call Ireland a “rogue nation” for protecting preborn babies.

Cora Sherlock from the Pro-Life Campaign of Ireland blasted O’Gorman’s remarks as “show[ing] a complete lack of understanding of genuine human rights,” noting that hyperbolic rhetoric like “rogue nation” categorizes Ireland alongside practitioners of genocide.

Ireland has come under fire for its refusal to allow abortion for any reason except to save a mother’s life from a physical threat. However, unmentioned by the critics is the fact that Ireland’s maternal mortality rate is lower than that of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the United States, and Germany.


Further, Sherlock notes that Amnesty International is not simply calling on Ireland to permit abortion for extreme exceptions, but to legalize abortion in all cases. In the past, the group has called for “the removal of all criminal penalties (including imprisonment, fines, and other punishments) against those seeking, obtaining, providing information about, or carrying out abortions,” including for partial-birth abortion.

Despite its reputation as a “human rights” organization, Amnesty International’s extreme pro-abortion position includes calling abortion bans without rape exceptions “tantamount to torture” and defending the horrific dilation and evacuation abortion procedure, better known as dismemberment abortions for tearing apart a three-month-old fetus limb by limb.

Listen to former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explain the process of a D&E abortion:

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