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Albuquerque: “Late-term abortion capital of the country”

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Albuquerque has been named the “late-term abortion capital of the nation.” New Mexico has very few laws regulating abortion, and in the state, abortion is legal up until the day of birth. Although partial-birth abortion (the late-term abortion procedure that was federally outlawed under the Bush administration) is illegal in the state, New Mexico essentially just circumvents that law by permitting a different very late-term killing method described here.

Albuquerque’s late-term abortion mill sees a high volume of traffic due to the state’s lax posture towards abortion and the cavalier practices of abortionist Curtis Boyd, who admits (below) that yes, he knows that what he does is “killing.” He just thinks it’s OK.

In November, pro-life legislators and residents of Albuquerque attempted to pass a monumental piece of pro-life legislation, which would have been the first of its kind to ban an abortion practice citywide. Although the measure failed, the flurry of information regarding late-term abortion and the realities of what is going on inside of Southwestern Women’s Options (the late-term abortion mill at which Boyd operates) leading up to the vote was instrumental in educating the many locals who had been unaware of the facts before the vote.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, who is actively involved in Albuquerque’s pro-life response to its late-term abortion business (Protest ABQ), has been instrumental in leading the residents of Albuquerque in protest against the brutality of late-term abortion in his city. Fr. Stephen spoke with Live Action and painted the situation as follows:

We (Protest ABQ) are not waiting any longer for legislation to reduce or end abortion here in NM to be passed through convention means. We are committed to showing the people of ABQ that ‘baby killing is bad business’ by creating a situation whereby the people of ABQ will eventually rise up and say, ‘we don’t want abortion here anymore…we don’t want this reputation.’ We (Protest ABQ) are dedicated to ending baby killing in ABQ and NM by closing all the baby killing centers and ‘abortion proofing’ our state.’ Again, we are inviting other pro life groups to join us in NM for this effort. We will host you and provide room and board to any group that comes to ABQ to join us. Our efforts will always be peaceful and moral as we abhor violence especially the violence of baby killing.

You can learn more about Protest ABQ and how to get involved to end late-term abortion in Albuquerque here.

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