40 Days for Life offers hope despite Canada’s anti-free speech law

40 Days for Life reports on standing for life even when they cannot speak:

The 40 Days for Life team in Calgary has to deal with a court order — a longstanding ruling that forbids vigil participants from speaking to anyone unless that person approaches them first. It’s quite a hurdle.

The prayer team could only watch as a young couple walked out of the abortion center and got in their truck. “She cried and cried while he held and hugged her,” said one volunteer, “and she could see our signs.” The signs’ message: “Hurting after abortion?” They offered local contact information for finding help.

It was clear that the young man was reading the signs. “Oh, our hearts were breaking for them,” said the vigil participant. “We hope and pray they will find help to grieve and face their loss … and find forgiveness.”

The court order makes things difficult. “But we will continue,” said the volunteer. “It’s worth the two-and-a-half hour drive that it takes us to get to the clinic every time. May God have mercy on our nation!”

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