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Quote of the day: Doritos didn’t make the human fetus human, NARAL

Dr. Robert George, a pro-life professor at Princeton University, responded to NARAL’s whining against Doritos for daring to show an ultrasound during the Super Bowl:

I gather that the really big news, as always, had to do with a commercial advertisement that was broadcast in the course of the game. Evidently, a potato chip manufacurer, or some such profit-driven purveyor of packaged foodstuffs, showed a video image of an unborn baby. This shocked and appalled the folks at NARAL, the big abortion lobby, who promptly accused the company responsible for the ad of “humanizing the fetus.” Since, however, the fetus in the video was, by all accounts, a human fetus, the offspring of human parents, and not a bovine, canine, or feline fetus, it’s less than clear how it is that the potato chip company (or whatever it was) is to blame for the humanization. Surely NARAL’s complaint would be more fairly lodged against God, or nature, or plain old biological reality.

As John Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews says: “Memo to NARAL: that’s what an unborn baby actually looks like.”

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