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Protections for victims of sex trafficking and abortion industry become law after bipartisan effort in Texas


Abortion is the direct and intentional taking of an innocent human life — but this is not the only tragic thing about it. The abortion industry aids and abets sex traffickers, telling women that they’re “empowered,” when in reality, they’re being victimized. Live Action investigators have exposed Planned Parenthood employees offering to help undercover investigators posing as pimps, instead of the pimps’ trafficked, underage victims.

Thanks to the bipartisan Texas bill, HB 2552, which Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law, the state will protect victims from sex trafficking, including those at abortion facilities. According to Texas Alliance for Life, the bill:

  • Requires human trafficking hotline signs at abortion facilities and hospitals.
  • Creates first degree felony (up to 99 years) for killing an unborn child of a minor girl who is a victim of sex trafficking.
  • Creates enhanced penalties for assaulting a woman to force her to have an abortion.

The bill’s sponsor is (surprisingly) Rep. Senfronia Thompson, a Democrat whom NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has spoken in support of before. It is cause for celebration when two sides of the abortion issue are able to work on legislation which will benefit women, even if it may be perceived as an inconvenience to the abortion industry.

While NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Planned Parenthood Texas Votes had much to complain about for the 2017 session (which is good news for preborn Texans and their families), but strangely, as of June 18, neither pro-abortion group had mentioned HB 2552.

This omission is even more curious in light of the fact that during the 2015 session, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas criticized those wishing to address this same problem. NARAL’s Drew Stanley wrote:

The good news is abortion providers already provide comprehensive training on human trafficking, domestic violence and coercion to their staff and clinic workers are devoted to assisting their patients in violent situations. The patients’ personal safety is of the utmost concern, and they’ve been doing one-on-one counseling sessions with their patients for years – they didn’t need the state of Texas to mandate it. But if the Legislature is going to require this training, they should do so in a comprehensive way that is most likely to help the maximum amount of survivors.

If abortion providers have really been doing this already, as Stanley claims, then why has Planned Parenthood been caught on camera, willing to assist pimps rather than their underage victims? Why has Planned Parenthood failed to report the sexual abuse of underage girls, as reports and investigations have shown? Why did they send underage victims of rape and/or incest back to their abusers, after performing abortions on them?

This in itself is extremely concerning, but the type of supposed “one-on-one counseling” women receive from the abortion industry falls short. As post-abortive women and former abortion industry workers have admitted, “one-on-one counseling sessions,” if they even occur, are not the kind of care women deserve, whether the women are willingly at the abortion facility or not. Sex trafficking victims have stated that abortion facilities didn’t ask questions during this “one-on-one counseling” before committing their abortions.

Even worse, it has been revealed that Planned Parenthood lied about reporting sex trafficking to authorities, even though the organization previously claimed it had reported such incidents.

If the abortion industry truly did operate as NARAL’s Stanley claims it does, treating “patients’ personal safety” as if it were “the utmost concern,” then surely more oversight can’t be a bad thing. Sex trafficking is rampant — how can one argue against doing whatever possible to aid and assist this sordid industry’s victims? But considering the fact that both Planned Parenthood and NARAL oppose virtually all abortion regulations and safeguards for women, anything is possible.

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