Planned Parenthood says “we love” celebrating 4,000 years of abortion

The Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain Twitter account tweeted their support for a project called, “4,000 Years of Choice” which celebrates abortion of preborn humans. You can see their tweet below:

As much as Planned Parenthood wants the sanitized label of  “pro-choice”, actions like this show that “pro-abortion” is more accurate. And why should that title offend them? It is Planned Parenthood that “celebrates” abortion.

If you have never seen an abortion of an unborn child, I recommend that you watch the video that one of our young people here at Live Action has put together at http://HeresTheBlood.com. Virtually all the images in the video are of 1st trimester human abortion and I encourage you to look at the documentation website to get informed about the video’s background.

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