Planned Parenthood self-conscious about abortion?

Eearlier this week, I noticed something funny going on in the web menus over at Planned Parenthood’s site. In the past, under “Health Info & Services,” abortion has always been ironically listed at or near the very top (as the menu is organized alphabetically). On Wednesday, this was still the case on the homepage:

However, within the “Health Info & Services” articles, the menu option for “Abortion” and the page on abortion itself had been retitled to “Information about Abortion.” Conveniently, this made it so that abortion was no longer listed as the first of Planned Parenthood’s services, and also gave the impression that Planned Parenthood was primarily providing “Information,” not “Abortion” itself:

For whatever reason, that change has been discarded and the page and menu names have been reverted to their original titles:

It’s easy to understand why Planned Parenthood would make that cosmetic switch in the first place. But why did they change it back? One wonders if for every image-conscious individual at Planned Parenthood, there are some more vocal, influential die-hard (no pun intended) abortion supporters who demand that everyone else be as unashamed about child-killing as they are.

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