Will human abortions save tax dollars?

Authors Note: I wrote this today and sent it to the Fresno Bee as a letter to the editor, in response to someone else’s letter that appeared a few weeks ago.

In response to Jack Keefer’s 4/27 letter making the argument that abortions will save taxpayer dollars from going to welfare, there’s a major logical flaw here. He actually starts by saying he takes a “neutral position” on abortion, but clearly arguing that more abortions will save tax dollars is not a neutral position. No one would say “I’m neutral on the issue of slavery, but hey, has anyone thought that there are some good benefits from slavery?” Such purely economic arguments were wrong in the 1860’s, and they are just as wrong today.

Whether abortion saves tax dollars or not is hardly the issue. If abortion kills a living human being, which is clear from a scientific perspective, then we ought not do it, even if tax payers will pay more for welfare. Perhaps welfare reformation is in order, but a budget deficit is hardly a good argument for killing unborn humans.

Josh Brahm
Director of Education & P.R., Fresno Right to Life
Host, Life Report: Pro-Life Talk. Real World Answers.

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