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40 Days for Life offers free online training to help people lead fall campaigns and end abortion

One reason some don’t get involved with the fight to end abortion is simply because they don’t know where to start.

The pro-life group, 40 Days for Life, wishes to change that. This week, the organization is sponsoring training sessions so individuals can learn to stop abortion in their community, and participate in the fall 40 Days for Life campaign. The campaign will run from September 23  through November 1.

Entitled “3 Simple Steps to STOP Abortions in Your Community,” 40 Days for Life wants to make this simple but vital training accessible. The group notes:

“Does it break your heart that innocent children are dying — and women are being wounded — by abortion, right in your community?

Then you’re invited to attend a free online training webinar, hosted by 40 Days for Life, that will reveal the simple 3-step system that can: SAVE innocent lives … HELP those in need … and even CLOSE a local abortion center.

These three steps have already saved the lives of 10,331 babies and helped to close 60 abortion facilities.”

The campaign has seen some spectacular victories as a result of initiatives over the past seven years, including:

  • 650,000 volunteer participants
  • 10,331 lives saved from abortion
  • 118 abortion workers who have had conversions and quit their jobs
  • 60 abortion centers shut down

All of these victories have taken place in 559 cities across the United States, and in 30 nations.

40 Days for Life (Photo credit: Callis Family)

40 Days for Life (Photo credit: Callis Family)

The free online training will be led by national 40 Days for Life leaders, including National Director David Bereit and Campaign Director Shawn Carney. Training will include the following:

The urgency of the abortion crisis, and where it causes the most harm

  • How 40 Days for Life can successfully combat this crisis at the local level
  • What has caused 40 Days for Life to spread so far and fast, and accomplish so many life-saving results
  • What the abortion industry is saying about 40 Days for Life
  • The benefits of holding a 40 Days for Life in your town
  • The simple process for starting a 40 Days for Life campaign and achieving maximum results
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about what it takes to lead a 40 Days for Life campaign

Participants may sign up for the free training Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, from June 16 through June 19. Time slots of 12, 3, or 9 p.m. eastern time are available.

Additionally, the webinars are optimized to operate with smartphones and tablets, so individuals may also view the program during a lunch break, if they so choose.

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